Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Death of an Ichiro Card and To 2019

Born 2018.  Deceased 2019. Approximate time of  death unknown.  Cause of death: feline mastication.

This incident is greatly indicative of the past six months. I mean well enough but circumstances don't always align themselves to my intentions. This card for instance:

Tis a blurry snippet from a past post

I showed this off back in April
, a couple months before I slipped into early hibernation. It was beautiful then. Jon Pennysleeves claimed it. I put it aside with a few others for him. There it sat, sitting safely, so I thought. {what????}

By the end of May, I'd wandered from the blogs. Months passed. What began as a short summer hiatus turned into several challenging months battling a funk I've never known. I refuse to enter 2020 feeling disconnected and vulnerable to life.

Which brings us to today, wrapping up 2019. Making out the envelope for Jon, filling it with cards - why, sending trades and surprises to other collectors is always a pleasant experience.  ALWAYS!!!!!

Momma's darling Angel.
Jingles saw it differently. Her reading levels are below average for a feline. She did not see the sticky note on the small stack of cards was clearly marked 'Jon'.  Thinking the  J  certainly denoted 'Jingles', she took a neat little nibble.


This once shiny, vibrantly colored card is still that but now forever marred with cute little kitty teeth prints. I love cats! My apologies to you, Jon.  I rarely have anything cool to send your way. My procrastination came back to bite me. The envelope though, is safe from my precious furry kitty baby, and will be in the mail this week.

I plan to be back but perhaps will blog a little differently. Life is not all cards and collections. Maybe sharing those imperfect moments will help me through the foggy days when life isn't so organized.

I wish a peaceful, kind New Year to each of you. We all need tenderness in our lives.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Buck Stops Here with Ringside Seats

I have a couple of trade pals north of the border. One of these fine gentlemen runs Sportscards From the Dollar store: .  I get a bit of my hockey fix from Doug's blog.  I have no valid reason to collect hockey cards. If I had time to enjoy a second sport, hockey would be my choice, with curling as a third. I hate ice. I don't like it in my water, on my car or the road. Doug's sent Blackhawks in the past, trying to pull me into the trap but his most recent mailer contained zero ice.

There were a nice assortment of Tigers as always. This batch of vintage is divine! OPC Horton is a true beauty!

This package contained a thoughtful, personal touch. Doug knows I'm an Okie - from OKC, not Muskogee which is a couple hours east.  He picked out a few Sooners to help me feel a bit closer to home.

1970 OPC!!
Granville Liggins?  Born in the Big T - Tulsa Town, an OU grad once drafted by the Detroit Lions no less.  A  right defensive tackle, Gran played with Calgary from 68-72. This one time Okie felt at home in Calgary, thinking it so much like his beloved Oklahoma that he became a Canadian citizen.  Perhaps the land in Calgary is flat?  Longer winters than I already experience in MI do not leave me longing to move even further north. Maybe I'll get to Calgary one day to form my own opinion.

Sometime ago, I commented on Doug's blog about my 80s interest in pro-wrestling. My sis was a big fan so I kinda got sucked into taking her downtown every month when the UWF came through.  Tickets were cheap so we always sat somewhere in the first five rows by the ring.  I was naive and quiet, and not much for fighting.  Chairs flying, bleeding foreheads, the figure four moves - I must've been there for the guys. We both were. We were fans of two tag teams - Rock n Roll Express and The Fantastics.  I was a big Tommy Rogers fan, the dark headed half of The Fantastics.

Upper left: Bobby Fulton   Bottom right: Tommy Rogers
Flanked by the Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson
courtesy of googly images
After one show, these tuxedo clad men headed up to Tulsa for a match the next day. My sis and I decided it would be fun to tail their limo up the the highway into far north OKC.  We weren't the only girls with the same idea but happened to be directly behind them.  Their car pulled over into a lot just before entering the turnpike. Seems they wanted a moment with their adoring fans. Actually the blond Bobby Fulton did. Tommy behaved. I know because Bobby waved us over to the limo. He pulled my sis into the car and immediately put his hand up her shirt for ..well you know.  At that point, she was done.  I don't think we ever went to another match after that. We were both a bit disillusioned. Well, at least my Tommy behaved.

Doug included this way cool Leaf auto of Robert Gibson which brought back a lot of memories from those limo chasing days of the 80s.

I'm still not sure where all the time goes. Over 30 years have passed since we stood on the highway peering into that limo but the memories are vivid. I think we've aged a fairly well, all things considered, maybe better than these fellows. Robert is now partial owner of a deep-see fishing tour in Alabama. Ricky operates a wrestling 'School of Morton.'  My Tommy died in 2015, for reasons undisclosed.  A web search reveals Bobby is now a born-again Christian, groping bibles in lieu of boobies.

Thank to Doug for taking me back 30 plus years. Those were innocent times in my life. I'm still a bit naive but that's ok with me.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer??

Most of us are familiar with these seemingly meaningless words. Internet research reveals a schlemiel is a clumsy person, while a schlimazel is an unlucky one.  Both terms are Yiddish. I'd like to think these nouns fit me to a T - lower case.  I fall occasionally, and hit my head more often than one should, if one should at all. Clumsy and unlucky, until last month. Not only did I get through 30 days without injury, I scored a card which has been a high want for a long while.

Though I've seen Laverne and Shirley in syndication, the program wasn't something we watched in my household when it originally aired. I always thought Laverne was a bit rough around the edges and Shirley,  a goody-two-shoes. After reading Penny Marshall's memoir, this thought may have held true to real life. I found a used 'like new' copy of her book in January. The introduction is hilarious; classic Penny Marshall.  She read her story to me - in my head of course. Her voice was on every page.


I don't recall where I first saw this 2013 Golden Age opportunity; quite possibly on PENNYsleeves' site. As a fan of catchers in gear, A League of Their Own and most things 70s, this card became a must have. The photo was taken during the filming of the movie directed by Marshall.  She is young, and appears to be healthy and happy. This card is happy.  Going prices at the time were around $35 but I just couldn't bring myself to pay the price.

The only copy on COMC is listed for $54

December 2018:  I'll be vo-dee-oh-doh-dohed!!!  Penny Marshall moved on to the field of freakin' dreams!  Just like that, she was gone. Prices soared with the Golden Age auto consistently selling for $65.  'Well, I won't own this card anytime soon', I said to myself.  'Soon' became nearly six months.  Searching ebay, I found one with a starting $35 bid, added to the old watchlist and waited. Fifteen minutes before it was to end, I decided to spend the money but thought to do one more search.

Holy moly, am I glad I did! Someone else wanted to sell their copy right then and there! $25 BIN or best offer, $3 shipping.  Nutty as Penny, I couldn't resist making an offer of $22 which was immediately accepted! I then realized it was the seller who was nuttier than both of us!

A few days later, this Penny from heaven arrived:

Wow! It's crazy how happy this card makes me.  It represents a part of my life that could have been - should have been - better. I can't bring back the 70s but travel back when I can.  Obvious to those who know me best, I'll never grow up completely. Immaturity suits me. There's some sadness here as well, time moving forward as it does. Those days are further behind with each sunset. Our icons don't wait for us to grow old too.

Ok, I'm back. It's 2019!  And lest I forget to mention, hasenpfeffer is a German rabbit stew. 

Google images says this photo may be copyrighted.
I agree. It belongs to the 70s.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Pennysleeves and Nickel Cards

$$$$$$  This post is all about the money!

Sometime back before the first of the year [2019] longer actually, Jon dropped a pwe in the mail. While I did tweet a thank you, a glimpse into that long gone envelope is overdue.

My favorite hockey team  {I say favorite but haven't actually seen a game though might watch one if I felt like it} was represented with these 2013-13 Panindians.

The shining continues with these chromium men:

      2000 SPX  1999                 Stadium Club Chrome

1998 Chrome
I'd forgotten how colorful  these Boomers were! Justin was a top prospect in his day. All I recall is his being traded to Texas along with a miscellany of other players for Juan Gonzalez in 1999. He tried for years to overcome injuries but floundered in the minors. Detroit didn't fair much better since Juan spent his short time there with foot pain, whining about the 400ft outfield wall. He said for the Tigers to sign him long term, they would have to move the fence in.  Such a hard life.  Bye bye Juan.

While I still enjoy receiving player favorites like Piazza and Sandberg within trades, I no longer purchase these cards unless found in discount boxes.  Budget constraints and the ridiculous amount of product pushed me to choose among my PC men. Altuve and Cobb won out over the others, plus a little vintage here and there. Jon included a nice trio of Old Spikes!

Vintage was the highlight of the envelope. 1953 Bowman Color is filled with beautiful stadium backgrounds, dugout shots, bats - oh so many bats!  I pick up affordable cards from this set whenever possible. Fred Hatfield played with the Tigers from 52-56. His career spanned nine years and 722 games with 493 hits, 248 walks, 165 rbi and .242 average.

Wow Jon! Even after all this time, these cards still pack a punch! Thanks for your support and kindness. Jon's blog is a one-stop hub for Toys, Games and YoYos. You'll find vhs, comic books, cards and other trinkets from the past!


If you saw my post last week, then you know I scored a thousand or so homeless cards from nickel boxes, and a few for myself.


I had this Rocco Stadium Club years ago. Rocco never did big things but he had such a great name. Still does. Hard to believe this young man is now managing the Twins!  This one goes with my yet-to-be-named collection of cards featuring portrait and still shots which reflect the beauty of our pastime. There are some uglier, more painful aspects of the game too, as this card so vividly details:

Into the catcher binder! I'm not sure why Score used a portrait layout for this one. 

Check out these little Jefferson's with no Monticello of their own:


1995 ULTRA  - 3 Gold Medallions

I showed off a small stack of these 2011 Diamond Anniversaries recently. I never been a fan of the real rocks. These however, are irresistible! When I came across this new batch, there was no leaving them behind for someone else to enjoy! I am a selfish individual with no time for shame.

Every card, a nickel each. Crazy?  Yes, it is and so am I. Thank you Tommy J!

Thanks Googly Images!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Show and Tell, Collectively Speaking.

This post is a two-for-one: a package received and a round of NICKEL cards and vintage from my April 6th visit to the Taylor MI monthly card show. You'll see a couple of these posts since I brought home 1000+ cards for trading/hoarding. My house is quickly becoming a storage facility, filled with cats and cards. What does that make me?

Cards on the left are mine. Those on the right - up for grabs!

I've also updated my want list, hoping to eliminate a few set needs.  The latest additions include 2019 Gypsy Queen and more from 2018 Heritage.  I decided to complete several insert sets which means I need YOU!  Please check out the Send Help tab to see what has me crying, begging and pleading. 

Staying ahead of  my traditional 'one year to share a trade' deadline, here's a wonderful group of cards from Greg's Collective Mind.  His blog theme is based on Star Trek's Borg.  Of all species found in the many Trek  series, Borg were the most frightening to me. Greg is nothing like them. He made me say that.

Greg's been known to take our want-lists along to card shows. Here's a look at a few of  his generosities:

Set needs!

A nice batch of 2007 Heritage Tigers - needed!

2014 Golden Age was a fun box break. I have a greater appreciation for this set with each passing year. Greg included this Sweet Willie Horton auto in the same package with this fine gem:

The highly coveted Covington! I love this card for a couple reasons; the bat rack is an obvious one, the old Braves logo patch another.  We're lucky to have this shot of Wes on his 61 Topps card. In 1961, Wes became one of those rare players to spend time with four teams over the course of one year: Braves, White Sox, A's and Phillies.  This was on my list of 'gotta have it' cards.

Greg, thanks for your thoughtfulness! I apologize for taking so long to share these on the blog.


Of course, 1962 Topps gave us another awesome Covington bat card, this time as a Phillie. We could've had him in any one of the four uniforms.  I picked this one from a dollar bin.

My favorite vintage dealer, Danny, has cards 15 for $10.  He's always adding new ones to the selection. I looked through 70 Topps to find a few bats I needed:

I love that Hiatt's bat crosses another in the shot, making an 'X'.

2019 Heritage may have a few choice dugout shots but the bats are sorely missing. 

My favorite modern dealer had a stack of vintage cards, something you'll rarely find on his table. He bought a collection which included some old Bowman. Now, these aren't for everyone.  Glued into a scrapbook for who knows how many years, then ripped from their pages -  at a quarter per, they were coming home with me.

I'm not a full out condition snob but these don't fit my slowly growing collection of 51 and 52 Bowmans. I have probably a hundred or so, preferring them mid-grade. So what to do with them...?

And how about this old Snuffy Stirnweiss '48 Leaf for a whopping one dollar bill?  He's a keeper!

Many of the nickel cards will begin finding their way to new homes soon via PWE surprises. Some will show up on the Pick Pockets tab.  I have a 'no nickel refractor left behind' policy. I scooped up all I could find.  Rediscover Topps junk wax?  Got it.

P-Town gets first dibs on the Vogelmonster. He loves those Cubbies but thinks Dan's the man, and has for some time!  Topps Chrome is colorful but not refractory. I've never seen these cards.

A nice batch of camo Prizms are hiding in this post somewhere.

Topps Stars. A lot of thought went into this product. The more rare the parallel, the larger the photo crop is on front. Back off, Chipper!

Have a roll of nickels?  If you've learned anything about me from this post, it's that I'm a cheap date!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

This Time Last Year

This time last year, I was working a horrid amount of  overtime in an unappreciative environment.  During the current 'tax busy season', I've barely given that place a second thought. Three weeks into my new job has me thinking I could stay there for ten years if I wanted - if they wanted.  I've felt valued and appreciated since I walked in that first day.

This time last year, I received an all Astros package from Jason Carter. {Go easy on me. I mean well.} I'm not sure how I overlooked sharing these but here's look at of few of those cards.

1991 Baseball Card Magazine



Miss you, Cam!

Cutest little bunny ever! Blech!

This is my favorite in the bunch! FLOATING BAT! Fits nicely in my mini-collection. Jason, these cards did not go unappreciated! I'm still enjoying them. If  you've never checked out his blog, The Writer's Journey, make your way over there. You'll find great write ups on music, tv & movies, toys, games, and of course, baseball cards! My regular stop on Jason's blog is the Goodbye tab.

While we're living in the past, here's another great batch from Baseball Card Breakdown. I shared these on Twitter at the time but a few deserve a closer look.

Hall of Fame Heroes

1992 MLB ACES Playing Cards. Also known as  'A'  is for Appetite.

Gavin is a generous fellow. He sent a nice lot of cards with a kind thank you note. Mailers from him always contain a surprise or two, like this eTopps Austin Jackson Rookie, an early Topps scam  swindle web only issue. Each card was considered an IPO; available for a limited time, printed to the total number ordered. Sound familiar?  Topps graciously stored your online portfolio in their  vault until shipment was requested. The program ran for 12 years, producing just under 3000 different cards with nearly 4,000,000 cards printed.

Something Gav often adds to his mailers are the customs he is widely known for! I was the fortunate recipient of two.

My favorite Twinkie!

Quality backside too!

A full set in this design, please

Mejia has great potential

I'd say it's fairly difficult for Gavin to outdo himself but...

Oh my word, when I received this card...! The classic, unforgettable play at the plate from the 1968 World Series!  Bill Freehan is a favorite on this blog {if its design wasn't an obvious tribute.} This sketch card is a centerpiece in the Freehan collection. All. Mine.  I'll never know how Freehan held Brock off.  He had a little help from Willie Horton's arm. Willie doesn't make the throw, this play never happens. My favorite moment from the entire series. Don't tell Lolich or McClain.

My thanks always, Gav!