Friday, February 15, 2019

OLD LAPTOP: the Dell from hell

Let me begin by reiterating - I do not miss my employer. I do however, miss their laptop. Working on this Dell from 2009 has presented several challenges. It certainly hinders my blog presence.  Last week's post took HOURS to create.  I purchased this beast in 2012 thinking at that time, it was a new machine. It never occurred to check the service tag for the factory date, which I did this week.  That's when I found it was actually three years older. 

This crap happened in November too. I bought new 85,000 mile tires from Sears for the Baja in 2012, thinking these would last many years. After a blowout pulling into my drive around Thanksgiving, I needed a new tire.  What I found out though was I needed FOUR new tires. All were dry rotting away BECAUSE THEY HAD BEEN ON THE SHELF AT SEARS SINCE 2009! No wonder they are financially insolvent. Sold me tires already three years old??

I'll have a new Lenovo machine by the end of month, if all goes as planned. I'm doing the research now. I don't game or stream much video but would like to load music, pictures and basically, just be here more. In the country, expensive-by-the-gig satellite internet is my only option. The machine can't run much faster than the network allows. If any of my tech savvy pals have advice for processor speeds and recommended apps or software that should be preloaded through Lenovo, I'm happy to listen. My thought is I can get a better machine directly through them than I would at Costco or Best Buy.

All of this is to say - or share rather - an early post. My first post. I recently twittered:

Mr. Jon Pennysleeves hinted that I should share the story behind my collection. A few years have passed now [crickey!] and so many of you have been kind to lend me your ear and precious time continually. If you'd like to know how I made it to this point with you, please check out my first few posts. Instead of recreating the wheelie, I offer this link to Cardboard Bug Bites:

I hope you enjoy the ride!  Thanks for reading and sharing the hobby!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

UNEMPLOYMENT: a temporary incovenience

Last Friday,  the first lovely day of February, I walked out the door for the last time. I can't begin to share just how good that felt! Any accounting firm rolls into tax season around February 1. My absence will be an inconvenience for awhile but certainly, I can be replaced.  What makes this such a unique situation is my coworker and good friend said 'sayonora' too, with the 5th as her last day. She left for the same reasons. While she can also be replaced in time, that office is in some serious trouble from an administrative support standpoint, not to mention the lack of their only onsite tech support, which I provided. There are so many good people in this office. Unfortunately they are not among the Leadership group.

We were short-staffed already. A new 20-something gal [our savior] joined the firm in December. It only took a couple weeks before we realized she would be no help to us. In one of our first meetings, we discussed work sharing. Her response 'that isn't convenient for me.'  I knew then it was time to get the heck out of there.  In the few days since I've been gone, she's been blaming me for her ignorance. 'Julie didn't tell me that.'  Twenty minutes late everyday and wanting to change her hours already - not my problem!  Within two days of leaving there, my blood pressure dropped to 128/75.  It was averaging 135/88. I've also lost a few pounds since turning in my notice.

I'm applying for positions much closer to home, knowing the salary will be half what it was. I'm covered financially for a few months so the urgency for work isn't there yet. What I do have is time for the hobby!!! My catchers are all in two binders now! More so - I have time to catch up on some wonderful trade packages!

Let's take a quick trip to 1975 Baseball Cards to look over a fat pwe from Steve:

Yes, the postmark is from June. Put your judgements back in your pocket. Focus instead, on these phenomenal Legends of Baseball stamps issued in 2000 by the good old postal service!  I was excited to find the cancellation missing old Ty so added this stamp to his pc. Back in the day, I purchased a full sheet of MLB's All Century Team:

Inside the envelope was a nice grouping of Tigers, including my first Fielder 'glow backs' from 1991 Topps!  Check out the link for details. Lacking a blacklight for testing, I take Steve's word for this.  He included the A&G Gaea mini for a feminine spin on my envelope! A nice touch, bringing all that testosterone down a notch! A thoughtful grouping of cards, Steve! Thanks again - and I'm so sorry it's taken so long to properly thank you!

In July, I participated in a Cards on Cards 10th Anniversary group break. Kerry was busting 1998 and 1999 Team Best, 2000 Team Best Extended, 1999 Stadium Club and extras, which had me pouncing on the Tigers slot!  It was a generous thank you to his readers and trade partners! Here's a sampling of the cards I received:

Not long ago, he dropped a few more cards on me. We helped one another with our 2018 Heritage set build. Kerry included other cards from my wantlist too along with a surprise auto!

THANK YOU AGAIN!  Check out Kerry's blog and follow him on Twitter: Voodoo DeGlide.

One more late acknowledgement and thank you to GCRL at the  Cards As I Seem Them.  This Dodger collector send a couple of nice packages in 2018. He may think I've forgotten  - and who could blame him? There were some beautiful cards included:

2012 Fister, 2015 Farmer and Price; 2018 Fulmer


Among the new, there are some handsome vintage catchers - 76 Fosse, 79 Oates and a 78 Biff!  Jim, please forgive the time it's taken to share these cards!

It's taken two hours to upload pics to this post. One of the nice perks I had with the firm was a new laptop every two years. I'm back to my 2010 Dell with Windows 7. Oh the agony!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm already looking for a new machine. At least this old Dell still works - as long as it's plugged directly into power.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Who Needs A Catchy Title: a P-Town Post

This blog would never stoop to puns and word play. I don't have it in me. It would require effort on my part. Dang. I'm lazy. So lazy that I quit my job Friday, three days early. I still gave a full two weeks notice with Feb 1 as my last day.  I plan to spend the next couple of weeks with my feet propped on the desk, nail file in hand.

True story: A new hire with previous experience joined my group the week before Christmas. We had a team meeting to discuss what her responsibilities would entail. Right there in front of her co-workers and our manager, she actually said - and I quote: that's not convenient for me.  Pin drop. WHO DOES THIS?  Manager smiles and keeps talking. How does this go without a comment of some sort? Not even  'we can talk about this later'?  Well...working with you is not convenient for me. Three different team members at three different times have told her to remove the staples before running a copy. Her document kept jamming. Really? Just what is it she has experience doing?

I'm leaving gracefully, on my terms with a little help from Cubbie man, P-Town Tom.

The good Mr. Olson has always kept me stocked with my birthdate-mate Mark and the forever young Sandberg. Ryne is no help here however, in action as I sit pondering my upcoming unemployment. Such a showy second baseman. A tux Ryno? Who you tryin' to impress?

Tom picked up these shiners from a local fire sale. Bragging of his limited availability, Altuve says he's numbered out of 99.  Be humble, little man.  

P-town packages include a nicely written note on a page from a HOF daily calendar. I've wanted one of these for a couple years but wouldn't you know I'd find out about them just when they're no longer in print. Supplementing the note are the team of 61 Post Yost and Burnside. Never heard of this Ty Cobb fellow. 

I'm not sure why I ever began collecting backstops in gear, dressed in their Sunday best. Looking over their cards, I'm severely overcome with the need to nap. Exhausting. Go get that ball guys . I'll just watch from here.

This is just too much. Back in the binder boys. Enough exercise for one day! 

Tom, thanks for these fanatic catcher additions. I'm topped with backstops 1980 and later.  The boys on 92 Score made the design pop. I had to seek out a complete set. 

Keep sending those positive vibes my way! I'm soon without a job, no health insurance. I've been applying around the web. Perhaps I'd improve my chances by taking 'lazy' off the resume. That would require some effort on my part so, nah.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Quinn Essential Collection

I get a surprise package a couple times yearly from the mysterious Mr. Quinn, non-blogger, non-tweeter. It's harder for me to reciprocate as he collects players I don't find as easily or often: Alex Gordon, Mark Ellis, Hideki Matsui, Zito, Cespedes and good old deceased Billy Martin.  My return packages are always half the size. Folks should be trading with him! He is unbelievably generous. I just can't tell you how to reach him.

Here's a SMALL sampling of cards from the past year.  Jackie Robinsons are always included, even subtly with other players in 42 jerseys.

Tiger cubs sprinkled throughout. In this case a nice blue graph on 2017 Contenders. Not to imply the Tigers are contenders...

The quiet man knows my fondness for the Blackhawks - their jersey in particular. The OPC design featuring Kero is awesomely retro!! Cards like this make me want to add another sport to my inventory.  If you must send these, how can I refuse? Your feelings are important!

Tek-nicolor and gold abound:

Always the shiny stuff:

Always something a bit older than me. [Don't argue. The 1973 date on this card is a misprint.]

These arrived not long ago...cell photos here so quality isn't as nice but oh, the variety is! Shine on, shine on...

Vintage in delightful condition. Please pardon the glare on Eddie's forehead. He forgot his hat.

Hints of Jackie with this good-looking manu-relic.

What's this glorious beast from the Topps Vault? Anyone? I know it's a legit blank back from Topps but I found no place to research the serial number from the card back.

All of this is cardboard at its best, loved and appreciated. Choosing favorites among these children is no simple task but as any good parent must do, the decision was made. POSTERS FROM 1998 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED! Now I know what you're thinking.  These are older than me too. Shucks guys, you are sooo kind.  The only thing I have in common with these are the deep creases right across the middle - of my forehead.

This magical shot of Piazza should've been on cardboard. 

I don't know when I'll hear from Q again. If he happens to read this post then THANK YOU!  Once again, you've added some essentials to my PCs.  I'll never be able to trade with you at this level but will continue to boast of you here!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

REX KENNEDY ROSSER, Baseball Card Collector

The Collector sent a round of cards a few months ago. One in particular left me with many mixed emotions.  These were cards right off my want list. We all appreciate others who take time to go over our lists then thumb through their collections to helps us out. It takes time. Time is precious and all too often, fleeting.

94 Stadium Club - WAGING WAR on Steve Buechele

Chris included catchers, Tigers and Cobb for my PC:

All were welcomed additions. My favorites by far however, were the Oklahoma City 89ers he included. I'd just added  89ers to the list of wants. I'll always be an Okie; one quite proud of her home state and Native American heritage. This connection to my baseball collection is perfect.

These are the cards Chris sent. All are from the initial year of 89er cardboard.

1975 Oklahoma 89ers Team Issue

It's fun to look up old minor-leaguers to see what became of their lives but the card that most intrigued me was that of the young Rex Rosser, Baseball Card Collector. Eight months older than me, Rex had something I didn't - a baseball card collection.  Here's the backside:

Totally cool! This pre-teen had some apparent influence.  While he likely never made the majors, Rex must've done something baseball related, at least that's what I'd hoped to find. What I found though, was unexpected.  Just a short few years later, Rex was gone.

An empty seat at the dinner table, an empty bedroom. A grieving family who lost their young son in a car accident. A father who may have struggled with guilt for some time, for something likely out of his control.  Teammates losing one of their own. My heart ached instantly for the friends and family of a young man gone almost 40 years now. 


Time does heal if we allow. Rex is surely remembered with love and a special fondness by all who knew him. His enthusiasm for life shines through on his only known baseball card. The next time I'm in OKC, a visit to Rose Hill will be in my plans. It's a big cemetery but I'm certain the search will be worthwhile. I'll have a seat there and tell him what his card means to me; how his 89ers are now Dodgers and thank him. At this moment, I have a greater appreciation for my own youth, and life in general. I have something he didn't...the past 40 years.