Friday, December 25, 2015


Thanks to all of you who take time to read or comment - and to all of my trading friends! 
Have a beautiful, peaceful Holiday.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Contest Results Reveal a Lack of Love for Mark McGwire

or perhaps no interest in ornaments?  I enjoy giving away a bit of everything, baseball related that is.  There will be more ornaments, various MLB related souvenirs, programs, magazines, books and cards.  Cards are probably the most popular items as that is the focus for most of us as collectors.   I originally planned to give this ornament to the Randomized winner who placed fifth on the list.  There were only four real entries relating to ornament ownership.  I randomized these names five times and the ornament will go to the  blogger who placed first on this list instead. 
A couple of the entrants offered unique ways to display the Hall Mark.  Jeff Jones said to sign him up just for the shin guard.  He may or may not shoot Mark off the fence with his Red Ryder come Christmas.  Jared Willden offered Mark refugee status with a long wait outside until he was properly vetted.  Our winner Adam, will hang this on the tree alongside a Nashville Predators ornament.


There was one late entry this afternoon, from Justin's World. I hope to see them again around the blogs but the contest was closed at that point.
Over the past week, I dropped 15 packages in the mail.  It felt so good to be sharing cards again.  Since moving in June, I've been recreating life in Michigan.  While this move has had its challenges, I'm happier than I ever thought possible.  The open space and fresh air has done wonders for my mind and spirit.  I've wanted to share a few pictures of my new world.

My road:


I'm an animal lover and have been surprised by the wildlife here. Woodchucks, skunks, opossum, chipmunks and squirrels.  Bats and owls. The deer are precious to me.  They came daily to graze and enjoy apples from the trees.  Life is good and I am blessed.  Thanks for allowing me to share a part of my world with you.