Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Death of an Ichiro Card and To 2019

Born 2018.  Deceased 2019. Approximate time of  death unknown.  Cause of death: feline mastication.

This incident is greatly indicative of the past six months. I mean well enough but circumstances don't always align themselves to my intentions. This card for instance:

Tis a blurry snippet from a past post

I showed this off back in April
, a couple months before I slipped into early hibernation. It was beautiful then. Jon Pennysleeves claimed it. I put it aside with a few others for him. There it sat, sitting safely, so I thought. {what????}

By the end of May, I'd wandered from the blogs. Months passed. What began as a short summer hiatus turned into several challenging months battling a funk I've never known. I refuse to enter 2020 feeling disconnected and vulnerable to life.

Which brings us to today, wrapping up 2019. Making out the envelope for Jon, filling it with cards - why, sending trades and surprises to other collectors is always a pleasant experience.  ALWAYS!!!!!

Momma's darling Angel.
Jingles saw it differently. Her reading levels are below average for a feline. She did not see the sticky note on the small stack of cards was clearly marked 'Jon'.  Thinking the  J  certainly denoted 'Jingles', she took a neat little nibble.


This once shiny, vibrantly colored card is still that but now forever marred with cute little kitty teeth prints. I love cats! My apologies to you, Jon.  I rarely have anything cool to send your way. My procrastination came back to bite me. The envelope though, is safe from my precious furry kitty baby, and will be in the mail this week.

I plan to be back but perhaps will blog a little differently. Life is not all cards and collections. Maybe sharing those imperfect moments will help me through the foggy days when life isn't so organized.

I wish a peaceful, kind New Year to each of you. We all need tenderness in our lives.