Sunday, August 30, 2015

Contest-a-pa-looza Begins Now

I've been unpacking the cards over these last two weeks.  Such sweet reunion!  Thousands of cards - all belonging to me and you! Well mostly me.  I had no idea how many there would be to sort among my collections and/or blogging friends. During the few months before my move, I picked up cards in bulky lots and through many ebay wins. In all of the disarray, I've decided to part with a few items.  First up:

2000 Topps Complete Factory Set
This is a sealed factory set by Topps, currently valued around $40 with total value listed at over $200, according to our trusted friends at Bouquet.  They are such a hoot! The set design itself doesn't appeal to me but certainly someone out there likes it. You perhaps?  Topps is a well-known and much loved supplier of sports cards to thousands of collectors just like me and you!  Famous for their creative designs and renowned for customer service.  This set could be yours!

Yes, this is the first give away at Cracked Bat, long overdue.  Everyone loves a contest, right?  If I have any readers left, there might even be some competition.  Rules are simple, as they should be. Comment and tell me what you will do with the set should the Great Randomizer so choose you as recipient.  Will you put it away, sealed?  Sell it?  Gift it?  Break it open and share it among your blogging friends?  No wrong answers.  If you bust it to share, I ask only that you do not send any of these cards to me. I do not want them.   The contest is open to all of Cracked Bat's followers located in the USA, currently numbered at 27.  Kevin if you are interested, you are included.  ;)   I can't ship internationally without having completed trades with you, sorry Finland.  Simply too expensive. We need an end date for this first contest - how about Friday September 4, 8pm EST.  There that should do it.  If I've left out any important contest rules, please let me know.  HA. Wrong-o. I MAKE THE RULES.  I'll randomize names three times and announce a winner.

I love giving stuff away which is why I began trading.  I've been making stacks for a few of you who've patiently waited for a completed trade. My new post office will be thrilled with the business, beginning next week.  There will be more giveaways here, some seemingly small, or odd. But it's free stuff!  For instance, this little bear needed a home. He was the first thing to go:

Happy little bear, free after 20 years in a plastic tub.

Sweet little Bear has a new friend

New friend to Bear doesn't play nice.

I  look forward to posting here and won't use words such as regularly, weekly or often.   I misunderestimated  -such a great word-  my ability to snap back into routine after a big, big move.  Thanks for sticking around and let's start meeting here more often.  We'll have fun, I promise!