Monday, October 11, 2021

SHE'S ALIVE!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!


If anyone out there still cares, I'm alive and well in this world and hope the same for you! Whew, the time away has been quite relaxing. My spring and summer hours were spent enjoying friendships, acoustic guitar, sunshine and reading. It's been a wonderful change from the solitude of 2020. I'm still working but most days, it feels like a part-time job. I'm also enjoying baseball for the first time this year. Yay playoffs! Dish Network doesn't air Tiger games but Comcast will be here soon which also means real internet!!!!!!!!!!

For those interested - as far as what type of music I play, it depends on my mood. I love the Carter Family and older country like Buck Owens and Kris Kristofferson. Then there's John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Eagles, Indigo Girls, Neil Diamond, much to learn! And for the curious, I doubt I'll ever share a video here. My blog pals would be kind I'm sure but the blog is public. Asking for free cards while laying on the No thanks. Those folks do exist.

No acoustic bitmoji               

Thank you to those of you who reached out to check in on me. Your emails kept me connected to the community here. A few of you even dropped some cards my way not knowing if I'd still be interested: Rod of Padrographs, Ye Old Night Owl, Niner from Nine Pockets, Joe Shlabotnik, Diamond King, Dollar Store Doug and Bo Rozny - thank you for thinking of me!!! 

Collecting has changed for me. Pandemic hoarding and profiteering provided opportunity for reflection; time to appreciate just how many cards I do have. While 3/4 of my main collection has been added to TCDB, I've never taken time to add mini-collections which includes 1000's of catcher cards alone. It's never been important that I have a BIG collection. My little cardboard hoard is slight in comparison to what many of you have. OK by me. It requires storage. I live in a small space. If I can't - or don't - enjoy what I have then how can MORE be better?

I've looked at some of my favorite issues this year. While perusing Heritage, Stadium Club and Panini Prizm offerings on eBay, I felt oddly disconnected with no desire to pursue player faves new or old, nor my Tigers. What is wrong with me? Rhetorical. Please do not leave diagnostic commentary. LOL. See first photo for clues.

With Topps and Panini both losing out to Fanatics, the three card issues I love most are in doubt. Much has been written about the loss already. It's a wake up call for Topps that came a bit too late. Perhaps Fanatics will acquire Topps or Panini...

The one thing that's kept me in the game are new customs. So far, I have every release Gio Balls has produced. This could change should G decide to add other sports. Nine Pockets also printed some of his fun creations. Gregory messaged me so I wouldn't miss out on the opportunity. I chose three cards...which just gave me a contest idea. Gotta find something to giveaway first.

Random. LOL.

I've always appreciated the surprise packages. If you'd like to continue sending cards, I do ask kindly, please - send only cards found on my list. Save your shipping funds for cards that are wanted elsewhere. Space truly is in short supply. This will likely eliminate many trade opportunities. I also don't expect cards with nothing to offer in return. There will be no new cards here outside of a custom dupe and random pick pockets. Oh yes - there will be some offerings for pickin' in the near future! With the recent postal increase, rules will likely change. I haven't had a chance to review my options.

So what's in the future for your old Cracked Bat? An occasional post is likely, and collecting is related to wantlist only.  This does include 2021 Tigers but no Flagship or Stadium Club. I'll keep lists on my tabs and the database. TCDB wants have been cleaned up with more likely to come off soon. As temps drop, I'll have time on weekends to play in the card room. 

Here's the other thing...who doesn't appreciate a blogged thank you from the recipient of your kindnesses? For the foreseeable future, all I can offer in the way of thanks is a mention of appreciation. Not that I won't ever share a trade but I do know time will be limited if I want to continue trading. If you are OK with a mention of thanks without the show and tell, then let's continue to trade. I don't expect you to show off cards from me on your blog either. Just let me know you received them and I'll do the same. 

Juggling life and priorities creates a challenge for most of us. I'd like to remain part of this community. It's a card blog so yes, card will be found here. 

I've missed you! Thanks for reading!

Until next time....