Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Completely Overdue, Highly Worthwhile Trade

A long time - more than a year ? - passed between Brian and me without a trade.   Not because I didn't have a stash of Twinsies for him.  I spent 9 months out of touch with the blogs.  It's taken awhile to make up for the lost time.  With a slap on their backs, I packed up the Minn Twins and wished them best of luck.   I'm not sure what these fellas told Brian upon arrival but he whipped out a grand package in return.   I guess the boys were happy with their new home!  I know these fellas are:

Pretty in Pink - and black and foil
These cards are sharp - and not just around the edges!  I'm particularly fond of the 2011 Lineage foil Cobb .  I've mentioned on more than one occasion this design would've been a great one for Flagship.

Nick is the lone Tiger

This is a great grouping of rarely seen cards: 94 Stadium Club Members Only; 1990 Baseball Card Magazine Fielder and 84 All Star Parrish.  Someone did a nice trim job on Fielder!!

2003 UD 40 Million Trillion Men

Ty Cobb = Electric!  Bazooka Al and Two Ginter JVs

A clean 206 Sizemore auto and Munson's spikes!  Yikes!  I coulda put my eye out on this one!

Specifically Pacific Legends

I've been a fan of history since childhood.  It was always my favorite subject in school.  Yes, I am THAT nerdy kid.   These cards find a home in Julie's Big Binder of World History, currently at six pages.

    1958 Topps - love that Tiger mascot!    1954 Bowman - so clean!   Freakin' 1941 PlayBall!!

These cards represent only a portion of Brian's kindness.  I will share one more - an oddball.  I love this card because it's local to me, an apparent giveaway from 1976.  The Troy Hilton is long gone as is any Sports Collectors Convention in Michigan. There is a Midwest Sports Spectacular in Ohio each year in January.  Not the best time of year for a road trip but possibly worth the challenge!

Brian, let's not wait so long to do this again!  Thank you for these cards!!!

His highly subjective blog posts are worth every bit of your time!  You'll learn something new, or find a great conversation and chuckle there!

Look for my next post - Dupe, Dump or Dwindle: Round One.  My player collections are changing or disappearing altogether.  Will you want these cards?  There's a catch! 

Thanks for reading!

In Memoriam: the 2018 Detroit Tigers

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fuji, Fuji, Fuji Do You Love Me?

Guess you could say that title is a bit forward.  Perhaps to say 'he likes me, he really likes me' is more appropriate.  Fuji is one of the good guys.  He's just a downright decent fella.  There are several of you out there and I'm most fortunate to be in your hobby circle - but this post is about Fuji.

Back in November, he sent a package that Jeter'd, Cobbed and Berra'd me in cards.  He threw in some Posey, Piazza and Gehrig, and a little Munson.

Great additions to the PCs!  My collection continues to be more catcher focused.  We'll forgive Jeter for not wearing the tools of ignorance.

I thought Yogi would live forever.  His Aflac appearances showed him sharp and full of vigor.  He is one of my all-time favorite baseball personalities.  I miss Yogi.  The 72 style mini is sweet!

Lou - one of heaven's great ballplayers - and another Yank!  

Tiger materials!!  So many little jersey swatches.    Maybe when I am old, I can stitch my swatch collection into a quilt.  Hmmm, better get started now. 

The great and oft misunderstood Ty Cobb.  He's one of my absolute favorites to collect.  I love this postal stamp!  

Munson, yet another Yankee great!  I don't like the Yankees.  Looking through my collection,  you'd never know this.

Fuji is a man of many talents.  Teacher, blogger, collector, trader - his blog is worth your time.  He contributes more than sports knowledge.  With each post, Fuji leaves you with a bit of himself.  I like you Fuji.  I really like you.