Monday, March 8, 2021


Cards haven't been a priority the past few weeks. Our cardboard hobby has changed a lot in the past year and in turn, so has my collecting. I haven't read the blogs since Topps was released and have yet to see a single card. I'll be around of course, to check out your opinions. The early previews had my head spinning. Toppruss. That's all I can can come up with for a description. We are a short time away from the Heritage for which I'd waited years and it makes me sad to say, I no longer care. 

While I've spent less time and no money on cards this year, I'm not throwing in the towel just yet.  There are older cards I'm still searching for and have actually received recently, including a few set finishers.

Tom - Waiting til Next Year   

    1992 Heritage = complete

(3) 1992 & (1) 93 Heritage

    1997 UD SP - missing one card for completion, 155 Gwynn.

    1995 Ultra Power Plus - done!

    1991 Fleer Pro Visions. All of these cards passed through my hands over the years. I waited until 2020 to build the set. Still need 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10.

Gavin - Baseball Card Breakdown

    1994 Studio Heritage: need 1, 5 and 8

    1998 UD Wonder Years - done!

    1996 UD Lovero:  still need 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10

How is it even possible this card wasn't part of my collection long ago, for the bat alone????

     2000 Fleer Greats of the Game - complete!

    1991 Score Dream Team, subset complete

    1992 Studio Heritage - one of the last cards needed! Complete.

    1993 Stadium Club - a beauty
    from my TCDB want list

    Hey Pardner - a new Dutch!  1993 Cardtoons

Cards like these keep me tied to the hobby. Outside of trading, only a few ebay purchases have been added to my collection. This month makes two years since I've been to a card show. I had plans to attend one a few months back but tougher covid restrictions were reinstated keeping me home. Trips to the card tables allowed me stock cards I've offered on pickpockets, a supply which won't run out any time soon. 

Sorting and checking cards off the old W/L is still fun so I won't disappear entirely. Spring is nearing which means a return to outside chores. Warmer weather will allow time with friends too, sitting on the back deck with coffee or around the firepit. I have missed the sunshine but missed my friends more. It was July the last time I had a group gathering. 

I've been doing a little reading. Naturally, I catalog all books read. Here's a snippet of the past few months:

There are a few heavy titles in there, eh? Still found time for some baseball though. "Wax Pack" was a Christmas gift and a fun read. The book jacket feels like an old Topps wrapper. The cover itself has a waxiness to it, missing only the sugary sweet scent of bubblegum. The author shares his personal struggles with a stutter and obsessive compulsive disorder with the story of road-tripping to meet the players found in a random pack of 86 Topps baseball cards. 

I've also taken up an old love of mine: acoustic guitar. I played regularly until I moved to Michigan. I found myself busy exploring life here and dealing with a ridiculous commute. Combined with overtime, there wasn't enough  time to do everything. Here's a peek into my quiet space:

Ibanez [Ibby] on the left, and a crazy little Luna travel guitar [Vinnie] on the right but my favorite [Carter] is a sweet solid mahogany Crafter, my newest addition joining the family only last month. Woods make a difference in tone. Spruce on the Ibanez gives off a bright tone while mahogany is more mellow and warm with a midrange voice. 

Guitar was always important to me. I was afraid too much time had passed but that old rhythm is still in my bones.  Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Beatles, Eagles, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Indigo Girls and so many other singer/songwriters - all part of my playlist. I may be a little rusty but the dog has yet to howl at me. 

Right now, I'm sitting in the hobby room enjoying a moment to catch up the blog. I promised a round of pickpockets which is now a couple weeks overdue. If  you and I have traded, I implore you to pick, pick, pick. Please keep this in mind should you want to bless me with 2021 Tigers or any cards from my want lists. You'll see some 2020 Update Turkeys within these pages, given to me by a friend. Nothing like some hand-me-downs to share with you. Maybe by the time Stadium Club comes around, I'll feel differently. I'm not opposed to future trading but please understand for the immediate future, cards from me will be found via picking my pockets. My needs can be found on the tabs.

Thanks for stopping by to knock a little dust off this blog!