Saturday, March 10, 2018

How Do I Say This?

Venting.  I haven’t used this blog as a forum to complain but this is a vent post which also includes a personal apology. 

I absolutely love sending cards around the blogs.  Some are specific trades, others are sent with no expectation for any return.  My entrance into the Twitter-verse has opened my eyes and left me scratching my head at times when reading some of the trade tweets.

Stating my case

I place before you three occurrences:

CASE A:  There have been a couple of occasions where two different collectors told me they did not purchase cards themselves, so therefore didn’t do trades.  I appreciated knowing this in advance and willingly sent cards to both of them with no expectations.  Funny thing is – for a while now I’ve seen them both trading all around Twitter.  From what I can see, they’ve been trading on twitter long before we ever interacted. So I don’t understand this at all.  Of course, they are no longer on my ship list.  I’m not calling them out by name because some of you trade with them.

CASE B:  Around the first part of November, I worked out a new, first time trade with an established blogger then something went wrong it seems.  The blogger said it might take a while to return a package. That’s absolutely fine. I packed over a hundred cards, told them goodbye and shipped them to their new home. Two weeks later, I emailed to confirm receipt.  Yes, it was received – and not a word since.  Did they like the cards?  Who knows.  They are still actively blogging so are quite alive and well, trading with others and sharing recent trades.  No, I don’t believe they have forgotten me.

They're likely just an ...
Trades deserve to be acknowledged. (See Case B)  I am a slow poster but we know this. What is important though, in the very least, is confirmation of receipt.  Someone took their resources and time to select and package cards or send a PWE.  A timely emailed or twittered thank you only takes a moment.  

Thank you?
CASE C:   What's terrible here? ME! How long it’s taken to get a return package to our Canadian friend Buckstore Cards!!  Doug has been more than patient and likely gave up on me.  I admit this here and now to avoid any sense of hypocrisy.  I am human and messed up. In November, Doug sent cards as a Supercollector.  His return address was washed out. I could only see the package was from Canada.  I’ve owed him cards for a LONG time, likely a year but he still sent another package.   I recently sent a small box to Canada in an effort to make amends.  Doug, I owed you an apology and this message was sent to you privately but I’m sharing it here too.  I am so sorry for overlooking you!

It was her fault.
My point in sharing these stories is to focus on the intentions of the recipient or sender.  I’ll leave Cases A and B for your discernment.  Were these instances of dishonesty, human fallibility or discourteousness?  Regarding Case C, I take full responsibility for my inaction.  Those who know me fairly well surely know I am sincere.

To those who’ve been recipients of ‘no strings’ packages, please know this vent is not directed towards you in anyway.  I will continue to send cards with no expectations to those with whom I have an established trading relationship.  Giving without expectations = gift.  Gift is self-explanatory. 

Have any of you experienced A or B, and if so – how did you handle it?  What's your call?  I’d love to read your responses.