Saturday, April 13, 2019

This Time Last Year

This time last year, I was working a horrid amount of  overtime in an unappreciative environment.  During the current 'tax busy season', I've barely given that place a second thought. Three weeks into my new job has me thinking I could stay there for ten years if I wanted - if they wanted.  I've felt valued and appreciated since I walked in that first day.

This time last year, I received an all Astros package from Jason Carter. {Go easy on me. I mean well.} I'm not sure how I overlooked sharing these but here's look at of few of those cards.

1991 Baseball Card Magazine



Miss you, Cam!

Cutest little bunny ever! Blech!

This is my favorite in the bunch! FLOATING BAT! Fits nicely in my mini-collection. Jason, these cards did not go unappreciated! I'm still enjoying them. If  you've never checked out his blog, The Writer's Journey, make your way over there. You'll find great write ups on music, tv & movies, toys, games, and of course, baseball cards! My regular stop on Jason's blog is the Goodbye tab.

While we're living in the past, here's another great batch from Baseball Card Breakdown. I shared these on Twitter at the time but a few deserve a closer look.

Hall of Fame Heroes

1992 MLB ACES Playing Cards. Also known as  'A'  is for Appetite.

Gavin is a generous fellow. He sent a nice lot of cards with a kind thank you note. Mailers from him always contain a surprise or two, like this eTopps Austin Jackson Rookie, an early Topps scam  swindle web only issue. Each card was considered an IPO; available for a limited time, printed to the total number ordered. Sound familiar?  Topps graciously stored your online portfolio in their  vault until shipment was requested. The program ran for 12 years, producing just under 3000 different cards with nearly 4,000,000 cards printed.

Something Gav often adds to his mailers are the customs he is widely known for! I was the fortunate recipient of two.

My favorite Twinkie!

Quality backside too!

A full set in this design, please

Mejia has great potential

I'd say it's fairly difficult for Gavin to outdo himself but...

Oh my word, when I received this card...! The classic, unforgettable play at the plate from the 1968 World Series!  Bill Freehan is a favorite on this blog {if its design wasn't an obvious tribute.} This sketch card is a centerpiece in the Freehan collection. All. Mine.  I'll never know how Freehan held Brock off.  He had a little help from Willie Horton's arm. Willie doesn't make the throw, this play never happens. My favorite moment from the entire series. Don't tell Lolich or McClain.

My thanks always, Gav!


  1. Wow, a 1/1 sketch card. Nice! That was a close play at the plate, for sure.

    1. Not sure what prompted gav to do this one for me but I'm glad he did!!!

  2. Oh man... a Gavin sketch card? You lucky gal! That is truly a thing of beauty. So glad to hear you're enjoying your new job!

  3. If instant replay was back then, Brock would have still been out. Nice to see a great, correct call on a bang-bang play.

    If that was Ichiro throwing from the outside, Brock would have been out by 5 steps.

    1. I was barely four years old at the time. I'm glad these clips live on via the net! If Horton's throw had been slightly off, or millisecond slower, this world series may have gone to the Cards.

  4. A floating bat collection... how interesting! Cool sketch too, Bill looks like he's about to take a knee for the team :(

    1. And he did, more than once! Yes, floating bats are a favorite of mine. Rules are tough though. The card must have no less than 3/4 of the bat with the barrel showing.

  5. Excellent stuff! Gavin can do no wrong with his amazing customs. (Also glad to hear the new job is going well!)

  6. Beautiful Freehan sketch card...OH,MY!

  7. Gavin does great work, with the customs and sketches. And after watching that play at the plate, it's no wonder the Tigers won that series. Brock was so fast that Horton's throw and Freehan's catch/block had to be perfect - and both were. Wow!

  8. Orbit is so much better than Junction Jack.