Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Greetings, to be more specific.   Yes your calendar is correct.  One week into February on this hallowed Super Bowl Sunday, I am sharing cards received way back in 2015. True only five weeks have passed, but it seems a year ago. 

There's a good variety to share with you this evening. The first round is from Adam's Cardboard Clubhouse. The very name of his blog evokes what this hobby should be - and that is simply fun.  Except fun isn't as simple anymore. But I'm not here to rant over 2016 Topps. 

Reds' man Adam sent a fun greeting card complete with a note of thanks:

I can't remember the last time I received a thank you card from Topps much less one with a touch of gold inside!

Because I HAVEN'T!

Topps apparent lack of gratitude doesn't go unnoticed but  I  appreciate these 2015 Tigers from that Topps company, or rather from Adam.

1992 Upper Deck - great images front and back. Not a Topps card.

1980 SPPC  and 1987 Hygrade
Two cards from unlicensed companies; one a bit 75 Topps themed, much to my liking.

And finally this gem, in a different set of stripes, my favorite Yankee Yogi Berra.  I love this particular photo.  It happens to appear on one of my least favorite Topps designs.  Yogi makes this card look good.  Adam, thanks so much for sharing your cardboard with me!
There's another Adam, one who calls himself ARPsmith's Sportscard Obsession.  He sent a touch of the bug.  It's contagious, and beginning to make the rounds among baseball fans everywhere.
2015 Topps
Most unfortunately, the cure is not 2016 Topps!
Artist Proof, Purple Spectrum, Refractor/399 - the un-Topps 

2015 Donruss Jersey Kings and 2013 Tier One
It pains me to say it but Tier One is usually an attractive release.  It hurts more that it's not affordable for  the average collector.  The market is flooded with relics and autos while prices at retail are soaring. When will it end or, at the very least, level off?? 

Four new additions to my Caminiti PC. I love these and must point out that four of these are not Topps branded. The Pinnacle Museum with its early Dufex foil background is gorgeous!  Such a nice lot of cards!  Rewarded for simply sending Giants to Adam!  Thanks so much!!

Angus blogs at Dawg Day Cards, predominantly a football based site but full of good reading.  It seems only appropriate to share a few football cards on the big game day!

Library of Parliament Greeting Card

Fathead Stick um

I don't collect football cards at all.  My favorite seven year old boy does.  Angus was giving away stacks of cards so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.  He was so generous to send the teams my little fella likes, including players like his fave Flacco!  Angus found some baseball to send as well:

There were two fun oddballs in the lot: 1991 Petro-Canada Standups.

Not long after I received this package, another envelope arrived.  It contained this gorgeous 1947-66 Exhibits Johnny Groth.  Exhibits are oversized and not for all collectors.  I happen to love them, keeping a special box for bigger cards.

Angus, thanks for your generosity!  I'll have something for you very soon!

The last thank you for this evening goes to Daniel,  It's Like Having My Own Card Shop:

A touch of spring in this classic yellow design from FLEER, completes the set!
1974 Topps Mr. Tiger

and a couple of relics for my PCs.  All I did was drop some D-backs on him.  That simple!  Looking forward to another trade this season!

The game just ended.  Congrats to Peyton Manning for a great finish to a more than respectable career.  I don't collect football anymore, haven't since 1999 or he'd be in my collection.  Football season is over!!! Yay!!!   Spring Training begins! 


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards. Found a few more OPC Tigers to send you to join the Christmas ones.

    1. Thanks :) Let me get a little something to you first Angus. I appreciate your generosity!!! Who says 'no' to OPC anyway? I may be cracked, but I ain't crazy!

  2. Those 1991 Petro-Canada Standups are so cool and I haven't seen them before, I just went to eBay and bought the Griffey card for my collection.

    1. Looks like Angus started something. Corky, thanks for introducing yourself!

  3. I love Exhibit cards - I've handed a handful to my collection in the course of my blog. It's so easy to get lost trying to identify years and runs and such though.

    1. I love the sepia tones. I honestly haven't tried to pinpoint the years but know there are subtle differences - and a lot of reprints. I picked up Yogi Berra and Norm Cash recently. Just beautiful cards.

  4. Good stuff, don't let Topps get you down. Us bloggers got your back!

    1. Glad we watch out for each other around here. No need for all to dump their hard-earned card dollars on the same crap. ;) We can share the love!

  5. I also never heard of those Petro cards, thanks for sharing

    1. Steve -love those 75s! Thanks for reading! Great to meet you!

  6. Love the exhibits. I have a link I will send you that helps with dating them

  7. Wow,there are a lot of great looking cards that you showed in this post Julie.My favorites among them are the 1974 Al Kaline,plus the Collector's Choice Alan Trammell card,and the 1991 Petro-Canada standups.T have heard a lot of collectors
    bash the 1991 Fleer design as really bland,but I really like it as well:).