Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I took my sweet time with this one, blaming surgery. I wonder how long I can get by with this??  While I've been away, a couple more Bags were found and added to the stack. There was a fair amount of participation this time but hope to see as many, if not more, responses in Round Four.

On the chopping block??

We had a few guessers guessing for the fun of it, I guess. Of all six official Dupe, Dump or Dwindle responses, there were three dwindles, three dupes and zero dumps.  RAZ commented: I have to guess DUPE. He's too good a player and you have that grand slam memory associated with him. You can't abandon that sort of player collection.  And he is correct.  I pulled my dupes for offer to someone with equally refined taste.  There is no true dwindle here. I have over 100 Bagwells but currently no intention to add more cards - unless of course, a gorgeous Stadium Club presents itself. That or some wildly colorful 90s oddity.

There were three correct responses. We'll use this number to randomize and determine Jeff's new address. 

While I have your attention, take a look at these beauts  from Oscar @ Stealing Home aka ATBATT. He sent a pwe hoping these cards would fit into my collection. Oh yes, Oscar. Indeed they do! New, old and auto'd!  Thank you!

A few of my favorite vintage years are featured here - 1960, 1972, 1975. I also love 1954 and 1958. 1971 and 1973 are nice too.  But then I like 51 and 52 Bowman. Of course there's also...

And now, the great and powerful Randomizer has spoken:

RAZ - if you are still interested in having the Bagwell stack, please email your address to: acrackedbat at gmail dot com.

Thanks to all who commented on the Bagwell post. Round Four will be up soon featuring yet another HOFer. Oh boy, I can't wait for the response.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Way We Were

Where ever did I leave off? Oh yes. Elbow surgery. It's kept us apart and currently, aggravating the heck out of me. This elbow. It refuses to allow the simple pleasantry of extended keyboard time. I returned to work a couple weeks ago and there's no avoiding the keys there! The real job uses up most of the tolerance I have. By the time I'm home, the arm is done.  Card sorting is difficult as well. Keeping the elbow bent creates unhappiness.  One thing I have accomplished - sorting my Altuves  and Cobbs by year and logging these thru 2017!  On a printed checklist.  Don't go running to the TCDB. That would require my time on a keyboard. Many players remain to be sorted but there's always knee surgery...

I owe you an answer to my last 3D post: Jeff Bagwell. I assure you, it's forthcoming. There are more cards looking for homes too. I've overhauled my want listI continue to collect Tigers but more carefully. I just can't use cards from 1980-1994, having them many times over.  The list will be updated more often as well. Thanks to all of my many trade pals, whose generosity pushed me to eliminate player collections from the list for now.  I'll add specific player cards in the near future.

This is a good time to share a few more of the packages received in the past year. Each of these jolly good fellows deserves an individual post. I can't wait that long. They have waited months.

A great mix of old and new here from the great repository of cardboard history, Night Owl. I can say new since these were rec'd less than a year ago and rather new at the time. Ha.  Really tho, 76 Topps, 81 Fleer. Player collections. Tigers. A very nice JD Martinez /99.  Always grateful to you,  N.O.!

PAWS wins here, hands down!

What's a Wockenfuss?  Snuffleupagus comes to mind.

Champ Summers belongs in every collection. Does too.

If flakes are gonna fall, better on the card than in the yard.

John Miller is a crazy man. The proof has found its way to my porch twice - in July and this past week. Both packages contained THOUSANDS of catchers. THOUSANDS. This will keep me sorting all winter long. I have never been Zippy Zapped or Bipped but now know what it's like, catchers in the wry. Needless to say, catchers were also removed from my want list. Unless it's 79 or older, I won't need it. He also sent a mailer a while back filled with an assortment of shiny and colorful Tigers.


1998 Skybox Thunder. Lightning and the Thunder.



My Tatas!

Kevin - writer, collector, musician and my friend in France! He shops ebay and comc for his trade pals, always choosing a little vintage and snappy relics or autos. He sent a sweetly packaged mailer earlier in the year. Here are some of the surprises it held:

BIGGIO heavy duty 2016 VAULT METAL



2017 THREADS #/18 - sweet card!

paper weight...that's a pun
I want to continue trading so if you don't mind waiting to see your cards posted, I'm the gal for you. What a crazy few months it's been. I can't help but feel good with the progress made regarding my own collection. I've had stacks of cards for trades on my hobby table for sometime. These are hitting the mail, a couple per day, over the next two weeks. Other than PWEs, I won't be shipping again til next year, late spring. Waiting til spring allows me time to work on my collection and get through another busy season at work. If I still have the same job... It also gives me time to find cards for you! It is all about you! Without you, I wouldn't be here today. You have only yourselves to blame.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


A cheap crack habit? Nah. Not sure what the price for crack is these days but I'm certain it won't be found for a dollar anywhere. What you will find here are some excellent trade packages received over the past several months.

Dollar Store Doug sent packages in  November and as recently as June. I've found sending heavy duty PWEs over the Canadian border works well.  If it were only that easy to send cards overseas to France!   Doug, be watching your mail receptacle! Here are a few of my faves:

Party animal!

Do you like your Fu-Te-Ni's dirty?

When he's hot...he's hot. When he's not...he can't be traded.

Kivett is riveting in blue! Nice card and auto!

From 2014 Panini, the top card is extra extra extra extra thick - a short printed giveaway on Canada's Boxing holi-Day which falls on Dec 26th each year.  To say I know for certain what is celebrated on Boxing Day would be untrue. My internet pursuit revealed a couple of possibilities which may have both been true once or still are...  A: in the 17th and 18th centuries, wealthy employers gave boxed gifts to their employees on the day following Christmas. Boxes sometimes contained bonuses or leftovers.  Perhaps this tradition has morphed into B: after Christmas sales. 

Doug was thoughtful to send a couple of packages my way, knowing how slow I am on returns to Canada.  Checkout his blog! He's the king of repack breaks!

Brewer's blogger and  Alaska's own Collector's Crack also sent a couple of packages over the past few months. Mark picked out a great assortment of paper to send: autos, wild colors, old dead guys, a little Pacifico.

1993 Pacific

Cobb - my number one Dead Guy PC

Lots of Fire and Ice here (ice cold Miggy)

I won't apologize for giving Miggy flack. He's brought a lot of trouble on himself with poor decisions outside the game. Players are human and subject to the same challenges and temptations as any of us. Fortunately we don't share the same spotlight. If you want the big bucks, then perhaps you make better choices. Scrutiny is part of the game. Miggy appears to be on a rapid decline. I hope the past two years are exceptions. If 2019 shows no improvement, Miggy should man up  and walk away from his contract. 

01 Fleer Platinum/201    (2012 Ginter codes mini loaded!)   01 Donruss Class of 2001/1875

2013 Topps Silver Slate Blue Wrapper Redemption - a beauty!
14 Ginter Avila; 15 Chrome Moya; 16 Inception Ziomek

A nice finish with autos and colorful Elite.  Dominators are BOSS!
Mark, I can't top this package. I have a little something headed your way soon which includes a pack-pulled card from my own collection as a thank you! 

Judson talks Rangers at My Cardboard Habit. I've been dumping my Rangers on him for awhile now.  It felt great to empty out some old Ranger PCs that mean little to me anymore.  Frank Catalanotto, Mike Lamb, Hank Blalock, Ruben Mateo, Carlos Pena...the list is long but I sent those boys back to Texas! In return, he sent a fat mailer with a 100 or so cards.

2017 Ginter Box Topps - gorgeous!

2017 GQ Tigers

2017 Chrome Pink Refractor

I haven't been big on Ginter, picking up a few players here and there. 2017 wasn't much different but there was one insert set that got my attention with a good player selection and colorful design. Judson knocked quite a few off my want list.

2017 What A Day set builders
He included a few Castellanos goodies:

 I've accepted the fact that I'll be slow to share until more time is available. Short of winning the lotto or finding a new job, it ain't a happenin' soon. So thank you guys! You make me feel special!

I'll be completely away beginning Wednesday for possibly two weeks, or more.  I have a small surgery scheduled which will make typing a challenge. Good thing I'm a righty since my left arm will be recovering from ulnar compression depression. The funny bone isn't.  Not a bone and not humorous - no joke. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DUPE, DUMP OR DWINDLE: Round Three - Jeff Bagwell

I intended to share this post over two weeks ago. BWTP's recent departure has me reexamining my own reasons for being here. My second round of 'busy seasons' is rapidly approaching at the tax firm that provides my living.  Around the first of September through mid-October, I tend to disappear from the blogs altogether.  I was fortunate to transfer from Dallas with my employer three years ago. I'm now beginning to resent the amount of time a regular work day and its commute are consuming.  Changes in management have added to the increasing levels of stress in the office.  I find myself at a crossroads, needing to work for a few more years. The challenge in finding a new position at my age cannot be underestimated.  Any new job must include a shorter commute.  I live in the country...  All I know for certain is that my current career path is nearing its end. I simply cannot take it much longer.  I should be sleeping at 4am instead of writing about how much I dread going into the office.

Reading your blogs and sharing on mine are therapeutic for me.  It's beyond frustrating when I can't find enough time to be here. Simply put, it makes me sad. Life has its responsibilities for each of us, of course.  No one needs to tell me 'suck it up, Buttercup.'   If you do read regularly then perhaps you've noticed I don't share my personal challenges often.  This situation is weighing on me heavily. I may be absent in streaks of weeks but am not going away.


Jeff Brown Paper Bagwell.  I hated - still hate - this nickname. I was never a fan of ESPN's Chris Berman anyway which probably added to my dislike. Along with Chipper, Jeff is a recent HOF inductee.  Many baseball fans will associate him with the steroid era, slapping their own * by his name.  Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were evicted from my collection long ago.  I never collected Barry Bonds.

Jeff was the first Astro I pc'd. Though I can't say why I began keeping his cards, it was likely the uniform.  I also had some crazy notion that all Rookie of the Year winners were worth pursuing.  Some may recall I began collecting in 93.  The history of failed Rookie winners was unknown to me then. Many would argue I still know little but I digress. As time passed, I learned he was a dependable hitter - homers yes - but on base often, stealing well over 200 bags in his career. Okay, 202.  I couldn't resist the opportunity. Perhaps Berman deserves a little slack.

Although drafted by the Red Sox, he spent his entire MLB career with the Astros. In 1994, Jeff made  the first of his four All Star appearances.  During this strike shortened season, he won a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and the NL MVP.  For six  years, 1996-2001, Baggypants had at least 30 homers, 100 RBI, 100 runs scored and 100 walks in each year becoming the only player in MLB history to do so. Jeffrey concluded a 15 year career with a .297 average, 2314 hits, 449 round-trippers and 1529 runs batted in.

It was 1994 when the Astros entered what I believe to be the ugly uni years. The bright colors and stripes were replaced with gold and navy, then brick and black in 2000.
Baggy Pants
Real Topps Gallery 
One of my favorite baseball memories was a trip to the Astrodome in September 1998.  I hadn't yet moved to Texas so was unaccustomed to 6 point beer. Heck, I really didn't drink at all. I found a stand with 24 ounce draft beers for $2!  One would have been enough but I had at least two...possibly more.  I wasn't too drunk because I remember this day well.  The Astros were playing the Reds. I do recall fake flowers hanging on the outfield wall. So odd.  With 217 homeruns, Jeff had the longest active streak in baseball without a grand slam.  Sitting on the first base side, I was there when it happened.  With a long swing, he unloaded the bases and the Reds went on to lose 13-7. What a rush!  It was the first grand slam I'd ever witnessed in person. Also the first time I ever wore balloons on my head - publicly. My head felt like one the next morning.

Ugly Unis
Why is Jeff the headliner for our third round of Triple Ds?  As in the previous two posts, not every card on the move is scanned and shared here.  Is he getting the boot? What say you?

Do you want these cards?  If so, you must be a regular reader with a USA mailing address, be the Card Papoy or a regular Canadian reader. No contest hounds. The rules are simple: determine why I’m giving away these cards.  You must comment with a correct response to have a chance via Randomizer.   Your only response choices are:
  •      DUPE  (duplicates)
  •      DUMP   (player booted from my collection)
  •    DWINDLE  (player collection thinned, only select cards kept)
The next edition of Dupe, Dump or Dwindle will reveal the reason for the removal of these cards from my collection, and our randomized winner.  Remember, only correct responses will be randomized.

The twist?  You can win only ONCE every three rounds.  Cards that go unclaimed won’t be offered here again. There will be many players listed in the coming weeks but you have no way to know who’s up next. Do you need any of these cards?  Leave one of the only three correct responses for a chance to win a stack of Jeff's cards - or pass.  

I'll wait at least a week to close out this edition's commentary with my own response noting the end of this round.


Chipper didn't drum up much interest. Of the responses, there were four dwindles, four dumps and no dupes.  Baseball Cards Come To Life author Bo commented: Not entering this one either. If you're dumping Donnie you've got to be dumping this guy too, right? Especially as you didn't really say anything nice about him in your writeup.   I did mention in the first 3D post that some choices may be surprising.  My decision to feature a player here has no bearing on his career or personal history outside the game.  Tiger Pride left this: Passing on the entry for your contest (great way to have one btw) but I'm going to go with "dwindle"...because who takes two dumps in a row?! - a comment that left me rolling!

No one guessed DUPE. There are double dupes in the lot of Jones cards. Scanning the dupes would have given this one away.  Chipper hits the discard pile. 

More players ahead. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

MONTHS MAY PASS But These Cards Still Matter

Holy Calendar Batboy! It might appear I'm lacking in gratitude but it's only poor time management. I have scans saved which date several months back. Happiness would abound could I only manage a weekly post. I have fantasies wrapped around daily posts but these are truly dreams. During the week, I have three hours of free time available each day. That's all.  It's simply impossible to live a whole life within those three hours and a weekend. So while we are here, let's take a trip back in time...

It's September 2017.  Days are warm but evenings are beginning to cool into the 50s. The Astros are two months away from winning their first championship. I'm in the midst of a filing deadline.  Our resident Rockies collector Infield Fly Rule just sent over a few cards missing from my Tiger team sets and some for a mini-collection:

1993 Ultra

1992 Topps

Adam sent my first J. Owens three or so years ago.  Before I'd begun a full-on catcher collection,  these were simply fun.  I do keep any new cards that come my way with an Owens on front. The exception would be HENRY.  I have one HENRY and that's more than I [or anyone] ever needed.  Send me no Henrys and we'll all remain friends.

Around this same time, Chris The Collector was doing rounds of  50/50 Trades.  He sent 50 cards of your team for 50 Reds.  I believe we managed a 100 card swap. I received Tigers, Astros and a few for PCs. This was our first trade:


So much greatness going on here. I was most excited to find cards for my PCs. With the exception of Piazza, many of these guys were/are Astros! These Caminitis are special.  Thank you for reaching out!  We must do this again!

Skipping October, November brought much cooler temps and cards from Angels in Order.  Tom sent my first Manwaring. I gave his cards away countless times over the years. Now, I want them. Tom had a nicely framed 2013 Topps #'d 4 of 10 Scherzer on hand as well.

                                                                       1993 Topps

Four of Ten Scherzer?  Super indeed! But the real gems were these 1977 Pepsi cards with tabs still intact:

Inserted into cartons of Pepsi,  these discs pop-out of a glove-shaped tab which includes a checklist.  I've wanted a few of these!

This post was ready to go when another package from Tom arrived. One hundred cards evenly split between Astros and Tigers with a couple of pc guys tucked in! Tom collects checklists. He had the missing piece of my 1985 Wendy's set! Several cards were included from smaller set releases.

Ginter Stros! 2010 Pence and 2008 boys:

How about this 1996 Leaf Steel Derek Bell? My first taste of heavy metal cards. I know I purchased some of these upon release but have none left to prove it. I lightened the scan but it doesn't show well.

And finally, a classic from Classic - diggin' the beach umbrellas! Swinging for the shoreline was this Astros'  2nd round, 48th pick:

Thanks for your patience guys! If you've sent cards, I will share them!  'When?' is the question.  Hmm, another contest idea.  

My next post will be a Dupe Dump or Dwindle winner and round three edition. I don't have space for all the cards being offered in my 3D posts. If you find a player has been ditched from my collection, it is not a reflection on his career, but rather my personal interests. Don Mattingly was the first to be completely eliminated. To keep this in perspective, I love Babe Ruth but don't actively collect a man that many consider the greatest of all time. It takes a special or oddball card to make it into my small Ruthian collection.  The hobby is big enough for all of us to collect in whatever way suits our interests.  Gotta love that!

Thanks for reading y'all!