Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Completely Overdue, Highly Worthwhile Trade

A long time - more than a year ? - passed between Brian and me without a trade.   Not because I didn't have a stash of Twinsies for him.  I spent 9 months out of touch with the blogs.  It's taken awhile to make up for the lost time.  With a slap on their backs, I packed up the Minn Twins and wished them best of luck.   I'm not sure what these fellas told Brian upon arrival but he whipped out a grand package in return.   I guess the boys were happy with their new home!  I know these fellas are:

Pretty in Pink - and black and foil
These cards are sharp - and not just around the edges!  I'm particularly fond of the 2011 Lineage foil Cobb .  I've mentioned on more than one occasion this design would've been a great one for Flagship.

Nick is the lone Tiger

This is a great grouping of rarely seen cards: 94 Stadium Club Members Only; 1990 Baseball Card Magazine Fielder and 84 All Star Parrish.  Someone did a nice trim job on Fielder!!

2003 UD 40 Million Trillion Men

Ty Cobb = Electric!  Bazooka Al and Two Ginter JVs

A clean 206 Sizemore auto and Munson's spikes!  Yikes!  I coulda put my eye out on this one!

Specifically Pacific Legends

I've been a fan of history since childhood.  It was always my favorite subject in school.  Yes, I am THAT nerdy kid.   These cards find a home in Julie's Big Binder of World History, currently at six pages.

    1958 Topps - love that Tiger mascot!    1954 Bowman - so clean!   Freakin' 1941 PlayBall!!

These cards represent only a portion of Brian's kindness.  I will share one more - an oddball.  I love this card because it's local to me, an apparent giveaway from 1976.  The Troy Hilton is long gone as is any Sports Collectors Convention in Michigan. There is a Midwest Sports Spectacular in Ohio each year in January.  Not the best time of year for a road trip but possibly worth the challenge!

Brian, let's not wait so long to do this again!  Thank you for these cards!!!

His highly subjective blog posts are worth every bit of your time!  You'll learn something new, or find a great conversation and chuckle there!

Look for my next post - Dupe, Dump or Dwindle: Round One.  My player collections are changing or disappearing altogether.  Will you want these cards?  There's a catch! 

Thanks for reading!

In Memoriam: the 2018 Detroit Tigers

Monday, February 12, 2018

Fuji, Fuji, Fuji Do You Love Me?

Guess you could say that title is a bit forward.  Perhaps to say 'he likes me, he really likes me' is more appropriate.  Fuji is one of the good guys.  He's just a downright decent fella.  There are several of you out there and I'm most fortunate to be in your hobby circle - but this post is about Fuji.

Back in November, he sent a package that Jeter'd, Cobbed and Berra'd me in cards.  He threw in some Posey, Piazza and Gehrig, and a little Munson.

Great additions to the PCs!  My collection continues to be more catcher focused.  We'll forgive Jeter for not wearing the tools of ignorance.

I thought Yogi would live forever.  His Aflac appearances showed him sharp and full of vigor.  He is one of my all-time favorite baseball personalities.  I miss Yogi.  The 72 style mini is sweet!

Lou - one of heaven's great ballplayers - and another Yank!  

Tiger materials!!  So many little jersey swatches.    Maybe when I am old, I can stitch my swatch collection into a quilt.  Hmmm, better get started now. 

The great and oft misunderstood Ty Cobb.  He's one of my absolute favorites to collect.  I love this postal stamp!  

Munson, yet another Yankee great!  I don't like the Yankees.  Looking through my collection,  you'd never know this.

Fuji is a man of many talents.  Teacher, blogger, collector, trader - his blog is worth your time.  He contributes more than sports knowledge.  With each post, Fuji leaves you with a bit of himself.  I like you Fuji.  I really like you.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Devil and Daniel's Cardshop

I'm backed up. More than a personal problem, it's a trade post problem!  Here I am,  still celebrating summer with a package that dates back to August!

So what's the devil to do with my problem? Who doesn't want an netherworldly entity to blame for their problems? I'm certainly having a devil of a time finding the time to post anything at all.   It's too easy to credit Mr. Fallen for my poor time-management skills but I will when possible. It is certainly unfair to those awaiting some share time.

Daniel sent a nice lot of cards in August then followed it up with yet another in December, making my head spin.  [Insert Linda Blair joke here.]  The first package contained a crazy big batch of 92 Topps Micros.  These are fun little cards!  Not sure how I'm going to store them so for now they're team-bagged.  Who knew there were so many tiny Tigers?

Mr. Mischievous [not to be confused with said devil] sent another thoughtful package in December too, just because.  What can I say but thank you?

Who ordered the Piazza?

36 Piazzas in all.  I needed every single one of them.  How the devil did Daniel know this? Here are a few faves:

Daniel sent the base 03 Leaf along with the parallel 'Passing Through Time."   The front photos are the same but the parallel back features the front of his 1994 Leaf base card.

Looking a bit lot like 71 Topps, 2002 UD Vintage is easily one of my favorite Upper Deck designs. Topps didn't share these feelings.  I miss the competition.

The 2004 Leather and Lumber Rivals above is #d/2499.  Wow, what a rivalry too - most of us know about the incident from the 2000 World Series. If not, you can find it here I'm curious to know your thoughts - did Clemens throw the bat barrel at Piazza, or sincerely believe he was throwing the ball?

There were shiny blue foil parallels:

And yet another gem in this package.  From 2012 Tribute Retired Remnants #/99, Mr. Al Kaline:

This card has the WOW factor, gorgeous in-hand!   Daniel, it really is like having a card shop, shipped right to my door.  Thank you for the great trade!  You know we'll do it again!

In the meantime,  the devil continues to give me grief regarding the lack of space available to store cards I want to keep.  I made a nice little box for a giveaway but can't seem to drum up much interest.  This makes the cloven-hoofed heel wail at me with laughter.  I'm not advertising within post titles this year, shouting CONTEST HERE.  Not that it won't happen but readers should be rewarded.  Those who commented on my last post are duly noted and time runs nigh. I plan to stick it to the red guy.  He'll soon be looking for another gig.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Summer Lingers On

Hey Everybody!  Where you been???  Me?  Oh, just clinging to summer.  Until I share trade packages received in August and September, summer lingers on.  Yes. I have the power to stop winter, should I choose!   Packages are scanned, ready for public viewing but what's more important - to share your generosity? or  to enjoy eighty degree days during a Michigan January?   I can show off these cards this Spring!  [Note, I did NOT say it was 80 degrees IN Michigan.]

Some fun things happened over the summer.  For instance, I now have a personalized car tag:

Isn't that a sweet plate?  Unfortunately, it's not mine.  No, someone beat me to it.  Perhaps the owner's a crazy cat lady? Hard to guess by the riff-raff that unloaded from this van.  With my first tag choice taken, I had to go with the second:

I'm a gal who loves her cars!  The Baja is the only foreign model I've ever owned.  As a rule, I'm a Mopar woman with an affection for Mustangs.  Go figure.

Goodbye Tall Man
This summer, I said goodbye to the Gibraltar Trade Center.  No sooner had I discovered the monthly card show, the doors were locked one last time.  During this final visit, I picked up  a few hundred cards, mostly for trading.  $14 for these fun items:

A friend and I made the hour trip over to the Taylor Town Center in September to see Tiger great Willie Horton.   He is slowing down these days but Willie's smile is vibrant and voice strong.  He still has a nice handshake too:

Willie's sweet signature!
I also put together another contest box for an October giveaway but never found the time to tease you with it.  Thanksgiving came and went.  Before I knew it, Christmas was here.  Now it's 2018.  Is this box still relevant?  These cards are all dupes from my collection or cards previously traded; sad and neglected.   Wanna peek?

Who feels sorry for these cards? The old deckles have some wear and tear.  (So do I at nearly the same age!)   

I have another 4000 count box ready for the Salvation Army.  I donate cards regularly, packing the boxes with rookies, stars and minimal dupes, with this odd fantasy that someone is just waiting for my cards to show up on the shelves.  At the Army's $6 - $10 pricing, these boxes are a steal.   Yes, I do have card fantasies.  

You'll be seeing a few posts on the changing direction of my collection.  I have begun player elimination rounds: dupes, deletes or scaling back of certain player collections.  Most cards will be base or low-end inserts.  Perhaps you'll want some of these??  

In Michigan, summers will always be too short.  I've lived in OK and TX, where summer stretched on for weeks.  I'm learning to embrace every moment here, each time that glorious ball of orange rises into the sky.  

A recent morning commute

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cold Pizza

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  2018 is already judging me, wagging its crooked little finger  to remind me there are a lot of trades left from this summer to share.  Guess what 2018?  It's not even December.

This summer certainly brought a lot of new trade packages to my lil neck of the woods.  Who could expect any breakdown to be a good and happy thing?   If it's a Baseball Card Breakdown, it's bound to have a happy ending.   Gavin sent a such large stash of cards it made choosing which to share a difficult process. 

The first scan is all Gavin!  He creates some of the best well-loved cards you'll find out there.  Here are two famous big bats in original shiny and aged vintage versions.  I have a few of Gavin's cards now and really should keep them together.  Currently they live among the PCs. 

Lots of Kaline which makes this gal happy!  Again, not all are shown because Gavin's generosity makes scanning a cumbersome activity.

A couple of beauties:  2002 Archives Reserves is a set worth building - fan favorites, HOFers -  all refractors.   2015 Cooperstown Collection ETCHED #d/25!  GAVIN! Thank you!  Hard to believe Panini hasn't done another Cooperstown series.  These are the players I am drawn to and most willing to purchase.  When I buy a HOF/Fan Favorite set, I know what I'm getting.   No Henry Owens to be found in Cooperstown.

There was a nice stack of Piazzas too.  2005 UD Fabrics and 1998 Ultra.  I don't have many Piazza Marlins since Mike spent only eight days in their uniform.  Perhaps another reason his Marlins' cards are difficult to find...THE HOARDER.  For only $75,000 I could own cards which include thirteen 1/1s!  Gotta wonder what he'd take for best offer.  At least shipping is free!

The gem of the entire trade package though was nothing shiny and contained no relic.  Just a simple card from the pizza place I loved most as a child - Shakey's.   I turned this card over, saw the logo and practically leaped from my chair.  I could smell the pizza, hear the player piano while sitting at a long table with barrels for chairs.  The first pizza I can ever recall eating and loved til it closed. Shakey's went out of business while I was in high school.

Food issues are some of my favorites but this pizza card shot to the top of the  fave foodie chart! I've wanted any Shakey's cards for a long while but never found them in my price range and  never thought I'd find one in a trade package!!


1975 Shakey's Pizza
This card is so mint it could be a reprint.  If it were a reprint, I wouldn't care.  Ty Cobb is the number one player in my PC collections.  If I could collect only one HOFer, it would be Tyrus.  Long live the deadball era!!  Shouted perhaps a bit too late.  

Only a Cobb beer card could make this Shakey's Pizza Cobb any better and only Gavin could create such a beauty.

Gavin, thank you!  It took so long to share, the pizza's now cold!  I assure you it's just as good as it was back in '75!

I offer a belated 'Blessed Thanksgiving' to all my blog and tweety buds!  Your presence makes this hobby all the more enjoyable.   If I weren't such a turkey, I would've offered thanks  a few days ago! Thanksgiving comes but once a year but gratitude is a daily practice!