Thursday, March 24, 2016

You Have Been Served

When you receive mail from an attorney, generally the enclosed message is not friendly in nature.  You are being sued or perhaps, served an ugly notice.  Fortunately the two pieces of mail I received a couple weeks apart were nothing to send me into hiding.

Our favorite Off Hiatus attorney, Tony, took time to send a trade package and a #supertrader special, shortly afterwards.  What a haul of oddity!  Let's start with some familiar cards:

2014 Donruss looks pretty good in comparison to 2016!  I'll be sharing some of these via PYE soon so you can make your own judgments there.  2016 = ugly.  I actually like the 2014 design.  No doubt I needed some of these to complete my team set!

2012 Topps Minis: to have and to hold.  I do love the size of these cards which fit so nicely in my hand.  A clean design from Topps; something more rare with every passing year.

A dosing of Kaline on 93 Spectrum Diamond Club - cards which I've seen little of with these being a bit more rare since they are promotional copies.

2015 Panini Contenders with a Texas theme.  Some of you may be unaware that I moved from Dallas this past Summer.  I'm currently in the midst of severe Tex-Mex withdrawals. It's been a struggle to say the least.   GIMME SOME ENCHILADAS WITH REAL CHILI ON TOP!!!   Wow, that was an ugly moment. Thanks for listening.   These cards feature Dallas Baptist University and  TCU Horned Frog prospects.   I never formed an allegiance to any of the Texas colleges but would've chosen the Horned Frogs simply for the mascot.

Three familiar brands in Topps, Conlon and Pacific.  Top left, the Ty Cobb is one of four cards included with The 1988 Baseball Card Engagement Book by Michael Gershman.  The card's picture is from an oil painting which appeared in a 1948 edition of SPORT magazine. 

Fun oddball selections here with one featuring Rick Greene's badly deformed right hand. Cecil's the right man for the job when it comes to promoting Jimmy Dean.  I noticed a couple buttons were airbrushed right off his jersey but overall, I love these cards.  Food issues are some of my favorites. 

I believe most, if not all of the following cards are Dover reprints.  I am super grateful for these because I have a couple of Dover booklets with no intentions of tearing them apart.

Cracker Jack dreams!  Most of us will never own original copies of these cards.  Tony, it was more than cool of you to send these cards across the blog-o-sphere!  I know other collectors are enjoying them too!

To finish our show and tell, this last group of cards features HOFer Hal Newhouser on 1993 Front Row Premium.  Hal passed in 1998 which makes the auto a bit more rare.  We all know how autos are becoming a dime a dozen, many will never reach more than a few dollars in high book value - if you pay attention to price guides.  Whether this card has any particular value matters not to me.  The hobby is not flooded with Hal Newhouser autographs.  I enjoy the Front Row series of all HOF players but am partial to those Tigers. 

If you want an attorney who is on your side, Tony is the man.  I appreciate the effort that goes into putting a package like this together.  His posts are well-researched gems, usually set to music.  I thought briefly about pulling a like-themed post together for these cards but knew I couldn't pull it off Tony-style.

Thank you Tony for serving up a couple of fantastic packages!


  1. Thanks for the great post and compliments, Julie! I'm glad you enjoyed the cards I sent your way. And those college kids were yours because they are in the Tigers system.

    Also, here's a fun fact: Hal Newhouser quit his job as a scout in the early 1990s for the Houston Astros because they refused to listen to his recommendation as to who to draft in 1992. They picked Phil Nevin. Newhouser's choice? Derek Jeter.

    1. you know, I almost mentioned that little fact in the post. Great story, thanks for adding it!

  2. What a nice haul of Tigers - especially that oil-painting Cobb. I'd never seen or heard of that set before; it's a beaut.

    1. yeah, it will have to do until I can get my hands on the original art!

  3. Tony always comes through. The Dover reprints he's been sending out have been hits

  4. Righteous off-brand auto. The junk-wax era has a few gems to uncover yet.

  5. Love this Front Row autos. And by the way... totally agree. 2014 Donruss looks AMAZING compared to 2016 Donruss.

  6. Tony must have had every Front Row auto ever created.