Friday, March 18, 2016

SUPERTRADERS: 2015 Bowman Chrome pack break

Has anyone noticed I seem to disappear for a bit in March, April, September and October?  Perhaps not, but I do tend to be away from the computer.  This is my busy season  at the office.  Right now, it's the time of year when nearly all of our clients file their extensions.  These clients tend to believe they are the only ones extending. They will also wait until the last possible moment to bring their tax info to the office, usually a week before the 15th of September or October.  Now, on with the important matters at hand...

I wanted to open a few packs of more recent product to share among the newly formed #supertraders group.  I haven't purchased Bowman Chrome since the 90s, back in my prospecting days.  It's a great hobby which allows for prospectors, vintage enthusiasts, team and player collectors.  I dropped by my LCS for Topps Spring Fling packs - a hideous design this year - and picked up a handful of packs from a freshly broken Chrome box.  Dave opened a new one at my request.  We have seven packs with four cards per pack.   With perfect collation, we'd all get at least one card. It's a Topps product. Need I say more?   Take a Heritage break - let's see how we did!


 Astro JD Davis;  Yank Andrew Miller;  Southsider Samardzija;  Pirate Alen Hanson, all base cards.


Bowman Scout Update insert refractor Ranger Nick Williams; Rockies Antonio Senzatela, Indian Bobby Bradley, Ranger Feliz.   Nothing to holler about.


A Miggy for me;  Rocky Cargo; Dodger Grant Holmes; an auto RC of A's Kendall Graveman.  I'd keep this one for myself had I not promised these to the Supertrader team!  I like his name.  Nice pull for a seven pack pick from a full box.  Congrats Fuji!


Reds Michael Lorenzen rc; Oriole Chris Tillman; Jaybird Jeff Hoffman; Met Brandon Nimmo - all base cards.


 Cubbie Stephen Bruno; Bowman Scout Update insert refractor Rocky Raimel Tapia;  Athletic Franklin Barreto;  Philly Cole Hamels.  Too much excitement for you?  Stop now.


 Giant Daniel Carbonell; Cardinal Matt Adams;  gorgeous blue refractor parallel #/150 for Jeff - Southsider Tyler Danish; Dbacks David Freese.

We are down to the last pack...


Met Syndergaard rc;  MARLIN Isael Soto auto - seriously? ; Nats Denard Span;  Cards Rowan Wick. Well don't that beat all? A Marlin? Soto does have a very neat signature.  I'm a bit surprised there is no one out there willing to admit being a Marlin fan.  They'd be instantly buried in cardboard.  Please, come forward dear friend.  We will not mock or embarrass you.  We need  you! 
Out of seven packs, we pulled two autos and a nice refractor/100. Nothing fancy but these are good cards to start the envelope stuffing.  We will have a box break in the near future.  My budget allows for older material, 1994-2008 - somewhere in there. I already picked up a box.  We'll be opening product from a company that's not around anymore, in any form that I am aware of.  I hope to begin next week, over a few days. 
Spring is here, bats are crackin' and Opening Day is upon us!  Speaking of Opening Day... who among you will be throwing money at Topps Opening Day this year?  Yeah, I probably will too.


  1. I haven't bought any Opening Day this year -- I'll probably just pick up a team set through my local card show or Just Commons, I'd guess.

    Those Bowman Chrome look nice -- too bad you struck out for the Brewers there! :-)

    Hope you're doing well!

    1. I struck out this time but more opps are coming. Working on a mail-out now. I've made it several days without purchasing Opening Day. I may not buy any this year since the Stars insert doesn't appear to have the wonderful Kellogg's 3D effect.

  2. I live in Florida and know ONE Marlins fan. I've considered signing up for that spot and dumping said stockpile of cards on him in hopes of turning him into a collector but I doubt it.

    1. You have to wonder how the Marlins draw enough fans to keep the stadium open. Even with profit-sharing, it seems like this team should've folded long ago - despite a couple of championships.

  3. I have yet to send out your cardmas package,despite one failed attempt, I plan on making a trip to the post office tomorrow to rectify this inequity. With that in mind, as well as being a fan of Bowman Chrome, I'm interested in trading for the Marlins auto in this post. As usual I enjoyed reading your post(s) and look forward to the next installment. Let me know if you care to work out a trade.

    1. I'm sure I could drop this directly in the mail to YOU. ;) Thanks for reading!

    2. Your belated cardmas gift is estimated to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

  4. Replies
    1. Getting closer to having something on the way to you! I want it to be special. Thanks!