Sunday, July 23, 2017

Posting Issues

Yeah, I've had them.  Catching up isn't easy when you're months behind sharing the goodness of others.  And today, we are doing a little bit of that!  This post features first time trades with a few of our blogger friends.  Months have passed since receiving most of these cards. What better way to say thanks to these Firsters than allowing the scans to yellow with age!

Let me preface this trade with I don't collect hockey.   I was drawn to the Blackhawks Indian logo by chance, just a few months ago and couldn't put it out of my head.  It is quite simply - beautiful art! My Native American heritage at one time called me to collect the old Goudeys.  My stupidity allowed me to sell my collection of these beauties 15 years ago.  So how now, to have a bit of cardboard history in the way of the original Americans?   Baseball Cards Come To Life - Bo Rosny took care of the problem with these:

The color did not come through with my phone as I was between  scanners at the time.  These cards show off the logo!  At some point, I'll likely own a long sleeved-shirt or jersey for the winter months, which in MI is Sept-June.   Thanks Bo!!!

D'back Daniel dropped a mailer on me that included some set needs and a couple of parallels.  Who says no to this??

Highlights of Card Shop Goodness

Oooo, pretty cards include a 2015 Chrome Sepia McCann and 2016 Heritage Chrome Fulmer RC.  He's one of the few Tigers having a good year.  I say we lose this guy!  He's much too good for us. Sell Sell Sell while we Tank Tank Tank.   Daniel, you'll have a return package soon!

GCRL may have forgotten about the fat little envelope he sent me.  If not, he may think that I did. But here's proof of my appreciation:

Jim sent a great batch of Gibbys and attractive parallels! Oh the woes of F-Rod!  He and Miggy look much better on these cards than in their recent performances!  The F'er is gone but Miggy remains, along with  his salary.   Mig has shown signs of coming around only to commit another error, hit into a DP or strike out.  His frustration shows.  Many Tiger fans wonder if his struggles are injury related or perhaps stress caused by fear and uncertainty for the safety of his family in Venezuela.  Jim, there's a return in the works!  Thanks for your patience!

Along with March came a friendly pwe from Oscar - not the grouch - the other Oscar, All Trade Bait All the Time!  He sent an Aloha  with a nice grouping of Tigers:

My first JaCoby Jones RC!   He's a young fellow with some potential, traded from the Pirates for Joakim Soria, and from my home state of Oklahoma, in a little town just outside OKC,  Chickasha - Chik-ah-shay  that's how we Okies pronounce it.  In his first MLB plate appearance, JaCoby hit a three-run homer against the White Sox becoming the first Tiger rookie to hit an Opening Day homer since Kirk Gibson in 1980.   With that began the JaCoby fever of which many Tiger fans and card collectors still suffer .  I tend to steer away from prospecting therefore appreciate having this card sent to me!  Oscar,  Aloha!   You'll be hearing from me!

A more recent package was received as a thank you from Now and Zen's Doe.  I sent her a box of Cubs and White Sox as a welcome to the blogs.  {Fortunately, she collects these teams!}  There were no expectations for a return package but she filled that little box up and sent it back to me.  I found mostly Tigers along with a few hits on my PCs:


1994 Score with a Gold Rush parallel

2017 Opening Day

Doe had a few fun cards available which I'd mentioned liking.  She put all of them in the box - Posey and Altuve among the mascots! Thanks so much for the trade.  We'll do it again!

It feels good to share - or more specifically- to be organized enough to share these great trades.  This post had its own issues:

I must be held.  No Exceptions!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cave Woman

Field of soybeans against a Michigan summer sky - on the corner, up the dirt road from my home

I've been out-of-pocket for a couple of weeks, which included a stay-cation.  During that time, I had company for an overnight visit. My guest room is rather small so I gave up my room for the night. When I moved in a couple years ago I felt it was important to have a comfortable place for guests. During all this time, there's been no other overnight company.   So while I was off work, the guest room was dismantled!  I donated the furniture to a good cause and went to work!

Heavy duty shelving took over the spot left vacant by the dresser.  It filled quickly with all the new boxes created during my recent sort-a-thon. Up went two 6ft CARD tables for various stages of sorting work. No more cluttering up the den!  The two shelves under the binders hold the Tiger collection. The next shelf contains PCs, working sets and binder cards. The bottom shelf is full of cards for trading.

The Tigers' table - predominantly for team set and Tiger organization. Underneath there are two crates of albums.  I'm a vinyl junkie as well.  The window faces east which means no afternoon heating!  I may miss that in few months!

Dragging out the MANY several thousand count boxes and putting them away three or more times a year was getting old.  The inability to dedicate a permanent place for the hobby contributed to the disarray of my collection.  I had no place for scanning when packages arrived. Instead they stacked up on my desk for some other day.   This table is for scanning and trade package prep.

Lifesized Altuve  4/10
A jumbo Finest Altuve propped on the tray behind the laptop keeps me company - and sometimes I have a helper:

Today a comfortable breeze is keeping the room cool. There's a little feeder out front with a weeping cherry just outside the north-facing window, which always holds a little winged friend or two. The house sits back about 125 feet from the road so the yard is deep and gorgeous.  It's a grand view from the table!

I also have baseball and music memorabilia, and 70s pop culture for decor - and a little stereo to hook up. Gotta have tunes while working on cards!  Once it's a bit decorated, I'll show off the whole room. It won't look like the man cave so many of you lucky guys have but it's cozy!  

A new hobby room means the study is reclaimed!  No more piles on the desk with boxes stacked against the wall in what is the smallest room!  At one time, I'd considered an addition to the house. The space needed was already here and available! I'll gladly sleep on the couch if guests need to stay over.

This can only mean the time has come.  With the MLB trade deadline rapidly approaching, it seems only fitting -


I'll begin putting trade packages together over the next three weeks.  I have a handful that remain to be shared and I'll do that with the next couple of posts. Expect another giveaway of sorts.  I am still purging!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Birthday Cards - from Kids and Pirates

My birthday is rapidly approaching, just days away.  I've never been one to celebrate biggly but friends got together this past week to bless me with their company - along with Bumpy cake and a few gifts. My favorite quads were there with cards made especially for me.  I have to share my favorite. This little 8 year old boy loves baseball and is into card collecting.  [I like to take a little credit for this!]  But more than that, he loves ME!

This was a good surprise indeed, and very clever.  He included a few picked from his collection and placed in a special pocket made within the card.

My many gifts included two hats - Tigers and Astros:

and a couple of good books:

I'm looking forward to Macho Row in particular.  1993 was the year I fell in love with the game for good, thanks to this team!  It didn't hurt that Darren Daulton was a prominent feature behind the plate. 

Yesterday, the postman delivered another package which nearly blew me away, literally.  During my temporary trade ban, incoming packages have been few.  This has allowed much needed time to organize my cards.  I still can't say how many dupes I have or what cards are needed for sets but all my thousands of cards are officially sorted by either player, set or binder mini-collections.   

In April, Matt found himself at Target, staring down new GQ blaster boxes.  He wasted zero time picking the right box, something I can't pull off.  After reading his post, and hearing elsewhere these retail blasters were loaded, I tried my luck.  Failing miserably, I then purchased two hobby boxes and failed again.  Matt had that old blaster magic.  From the same box, he pulled an auto and a 1/1 - both Tigers.  YNWV???   Why in West Virginia?   Hello Topps - over here!  Michigan!

Matt held onto these cards until this past week.  He did not know my birthday was only days away. He does know that I'll do my very best to put a great package together for him as soon as I am able. So imagine my surprise upon opening a package from this man:

The very cards he pulled in April!  Jaw-dropping!  How he felt I deserved these beauties I will never know.  I am humbled and nearly hysterical!  Numbered out of 35, an auto from the 2016 ROY Michael Fulmer...AND  a 1/1???  J.D. Martinez is becoming one of the hottest players in the game.  I've collected his cards for five years now.  This is beyond wild!  A true beauty!

We all know Matt!  And if you don't, you'd best get yourself acquainted with him!  He is generous and doesn't give a second thought to sending the rare pull to a trade pal. 

What more can I say?  Thank you Matt!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ecstatic!! Estate Sale Thievery

Last weekend, I went with a friend to check out a local estate sale.  She had word that thousands of sports cards were up for the picking.  The sale began on Friday so we could only hope there'd be a good find or two that Saturday morning.   

We were first in line at the door. Looking at the ridiculously overpriced items outside - a rusty, dented wheelbarrow for $35  [it did have a new tire] -  our prospects weren't promising. I had an idea there would be a LOT of junk.

And I was mostly correct.  The photos above are from the broker web site.  The tables were heavily picked over and looked nothing like these pictures.  The main table full of single cards was completely disarrayed with cards scattered and mixed into a biggly pile.

I found a box of 1992 Bowman marked complete set  but knew the odds were high with a $3 price tag.  The dealer said all prices were half off which made this box $1.50 and worth my time.  I found many of my favorite players and a Trevor Hoffman RC but no other RC gems. 

I picked up a sealed 2001 Bowman set marked $6.  This meant $3 so it went into my pile, knowing there'd be a relic and auto inside plus mint rookie cards!

An opened tin of 2005 Baseball Heroes marked $8. What could possibly be inside?  It was opened.

I love these cards, having often wondered about the release format and why I never saw any boxes available.  Now I know!  With eight cards per tin, it means there should be four more.

Ok, this is going well.  I get to look over the contents before deciding to pay the $4 price.  When do you ever get a chance to open the pack first???   What is card number eight???  BOOM!!!

FOUR DOLLARS FOR THIS TIN??   Into my pile it went.  There were also a few nicer cards 50% off tagged price.  What do we have here?  A Lou Brock auto for $3.  Duke Snider auto $8.  Bob Gibson auto $2. 

At this point I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty.  These people obviously know nothing about the cards they're selling.  Someone has trusted this company to sell their prized possessions and get them the best possible price.  I can see this isn't happening, not in the collectibles area of the basement anyway.

Time to check out the table of singles.  All unmarked cards were a $1 and unmarked autos $2 - and let me be clear, nothing on the table was marked.

We know this guy, and the card - known for chipping on the backside. No chipping, a gorgeous specimen - $1.

2007 Topps Co-Signers /100  Troy Tulowitzki    It may be a somewhat ugly card but for $2,  I found it quite appealing!

1954 Bowman George Kell.................. $1.

This is just too much!   I knew if I didn't buy these cards, someone else would.  At this point, I'm talking quietly with my friend about the situation.  Part of me wanted to say,  FELLAS!  You are giving these cards away!  Are you nuts????

I took one more dig into the table and picked up a card I knew did not belong there.  I looked at the sign again  - it did say that all unsigned and unmarked cards were a dollar.   This just can't be.   I took the card to the broker and pointed out that although unsigned, it wasn't a regular card.  How much do you want for this one?  He looked it over and said - $2.  Poker-faced, I replied thank you and added it to my stack.

Yes, I paid twice the asking price of $1.  Who does that?  Please, charge me more.  I did  - to alleviate any remaining thoughts of guilt.  I needed to know I'd made an honest purchase.  From his rookie year,  2001 Absolute Memorabilia Albert Pujols /200.  A gorgeous card for $2.  Although worth only what someone would pay, BV is $100-200.  

I rarely have this type of luck.  I picked up a few other cards CHEAP but these were the gems.  I'm still shaking my head over the deals.  The Yogi alone was enough to make me do a happy dance.  I was afraid if I didn't get out of there quickly,  a pole dance would be in order!