Monday, November 30, 2015

Into the Hall - Mark?

Mark McGwire: his likely destiny - to roam empty halls with Pete Rose.  Perhaps you could offer him refuge on your Christmas Tree or on some other worthy display?  Tis the season of giving!  Please, take it off my hands. Why make me beg? 

Interested in owning this charming new-in-the-box ornament from 2000 Hallmark Keepsakes?  If you have a US mailing address, comment to share where you'll proudly display Mark this holiday season.  Randomization will take place sometime next Saturday with lucky number five taking home the prize.


  1. Sign me up just for the shin guard. I may or may not shoot him off the fence with my Red Ryder come Christmas

  2. He would be given the status of refugee and told to wait outside until he could be vetted.

  3. Not sure if I am too late or not, but he'd probably go on my year-'round display shelf, in all honesty!

  4. The backyard reminds me of back home.. I'm originally from Northwestern Ontario. Many open fields.. Mind you, instead of deer, we had bears going in our back yards.. lol