Saturday, October 3, 2015

Unibiased and Dependable - or No Trades Left Behind, third edition

Yes the game of catch-up continues.  If all goes according to plan, only one more post will be necessary for sharing the colorful cardboard contents of mail received over the past few months.  Then I can write with carefree whimsy from my list of blog post ideas! 
From Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary came this introductory package of Tiger cards.  Brian reached out to say hello:
I'm a fan of 2015 Tier One.  The black and gold combo is stunning.  The olde English D really shows itself off, just not so well in the scan.  Great design but not in my budget.   2015 Buck Farmer Finest refractor auto.  Bucky is approaching 25 years of age.  It's show time - or no time in the Show. 
Above we have 2008 SPX Joel Zumaya auto, 2001 Private Stock Juan Gonzalez bat chip and 2005 Champions Magglio Ordonez. Of these three fellas, I'm most familiar with Juan Gone-zalez.  He was a big part of my collection in the early 90s.  We broke up when he became a Tiger, oddly enough.  He brought nothing to the team.  The fans here were welcoming and excited to have Juan in Detroit.  He was to wrapped in his own reflection to notice - or care.
2013 Chrome auto RC Bruce-Duck-Rondon.  I say duck because when he's on the're on the ground.  A little wild at times, other times on the DL.  2008 AG Pudge.  Ivan Rodriguez - a favorite player on any team. 
1959 Topps Johnny Groth, a sweet piece of cardboard history!  Look at that centering, will ya? Coloring, corners - it's a thing of beauty!  1949 Bowman RC George Vico isn't looking to shabby either!
1956 Topps Frank House with a play at the plate.  Who among us would find such action boring?  I demand you speak up!   As cool as this card front is...check out the back:
the classic cartoon!  This is one feature that can't be duplicated.  Even Topps today with cartoon backs, wouldn't touch this magic from the 50s. 
Thank you Brian, for these cards.  Old and new and in-between, all appreciated!  It seems you've waited quite patiently for a return package.  A lot of that going on of lately.  I'm stuffing a mailer this weekend.
And now we come to the contest portion of our blog reading.  Last week, I announced a cheesy giveaway.   If you didn't read or scroll through the post in its entirety, you missed it. There were only six entries which were Randomized tonight.
Cynical Buddha, you are the cheesiest! or is it most cheesy?  Congrats Mark! Let me know if you've moved in the past few months. Thanks to all who read, and to those who entered.  I'll dig through my box of disposable baseball and cardboard memorabilia to find the next prize, to be given time?? Will it be an indecipherably autographed baseball?  Team sets?  Oversized cards?  Bobble-head?  The Claw knows.

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  1. Very cool. Julie, I'm planning on moving in about a month or so, any advice from one collector to another on moving a big card collection?