Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sniffing Out a Trade

Tim recently offered a bar of gold for trade on his sweet-smelling blog.   The golden Miguel Cabrera was impossible to ignore.  We'd recently completed our first trade which left me running low on Yanks.  Tim and I worked it out though.  My idea of Yankee leftovers was a fresh plate for Tim. I had cards he wanted!   Behold the 2015 Topps Golden Idol and offering highlights from  I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning:

A great assortment of Tigers here.  I simply love cards with raised faux seams! 2009 Sweet Spot has a delightful texture; a design hit with me.  I can't stop touching these cards.  The 2013 Opening Day Ballpark Fun duo reflects the feeling of elation I receive from the game of baseball itself... and in collecting these little pictures of grown men.

More Cabrera and a sweet 75 Topps nod to the 68 World Series MVP pitchers.  I appreciate the Martinez 2012 Red Topps.  I'm looking for cards depicting Victor in catcher's gear.  Love the plate shot!

What?  You didn't know Babe was a Tiger?  I do collect a few Yanks, though admittedly most are deceased. A nice assortment of retired stars in this scan. Most unique? Old Virgil Fire Trucks.  His name alone is standout!  This treat is from TCMA; a 1983 Yankee Yearbook insert neatly cut and separated from its page mates.
Tim did NOT forget the distracting, shiny things!  A couple of minis snuck their way into the scan too.  Minis - not to be trusted.  I'm always suspicious of these small statured pieces of cardboard trying to prove they are equal to or better than, grown up cards.  Napoleon complex.

Chris and Juan are refracting and Fryman wants an appeal but the jury is undecided.  Nice on-card from The Nook, 2003 Bowman's Best.  Avisail Garcia RC in emerald garnish!  That's a beauty!  I'm collecting Castellanos pretty heavily.  He needs some patience at the plate, striking out too often. Nick is currently a favorite Tiger.  Any Tiger not found  on the DL tends to be a favorite right now.

Tim sent 50 cards for what was originally a one card trade.   Who can complain when this happens?  Looking forward to a third round!  Thanks much Tim!

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  1. For the longest time I thought Babe Ruth was one of those guys that died young from substance abuse or something, so every time I see a photo of him as survived old person, it still shocks me, even though I know better now. Not that 53 is old, but most photos you see of him are in his prime swinging three bats or whatever. His "retired" presence seems less photographed. (AKA that's a cool card.)