Sunday, November 9, 2014

French Toast

Kevin Papoy sent a package of cardboard collectibles all the way from France (cuz well, he lives there.)  I looked up papoy after discovering his blog, The Card Papoy.  Apparently papoy  is a word that means toy, used by the minions in the movie Despicable Me.  (I'm obviously out of touch with the modern world, surprised by my ability to use today's technology.)  If there is a better definition, do share it with me!

I received a good number of cards not yet in my collection:
                                                                                 1996 Leaf
       96 SP              95 Upper Deck       93 Upper Deck
I enjoyed Leaf issues when I began collecting in 93. I would've preferred less border and more picture on the 96 cards but thought the backs were attractive. Simple stat lines, team logo, two pictures, player name and info without appearing overly cluttered.    96 SP was a nice-looking release though I would've left off the inset photo. Great bunting shot on this Trammel!    95 Upper Deck, simply and beautifully designed. One of my favorite Upper Deck releases.  Kirk is looking quite fit in this pic.  The blurred background appears to hide a limo and hearse, but I could be wrong.  The back of the 1993 Upper Deck card is clean. Good size pic, personal info and a few years of stats.
A couple of Hennemans from 94 Upper Deck. I never cared for the smaller photo on the card front but the overall photography is great. One of these is an Electric Diamond, an early 90s parallel.   Cecil looking a bit lost on this 94 Collector's Choice CL card. I like this pic.  Fryman calling his shot (a strike-out) on this UD, also from 95.

Andy Dirks, now a Blue Jay. I hope he has a chance for regular play as a Jay.  I'll certainly keep up with him but will miss his fan-friendly personality - 2013 Topps Emerald foil.  The back of the 93 Stadium Club Fryman reads ...Fryman is being talked about as the next major star - the next Cal Ripken, people are saying.  After a 13 year career:  .274,  223hr, 1022 rbi  in 1698 games.   Ripken gave us nearly 20 years with 3001 games played:  .276,  431 hr,  1695 rbi.    Beloved Sparky Anderson, one of only two managers (La Russa being the other) to win the World Series in both leagues. With the Tigers he held a W/L record 895/777.  Sparky is featured on a CL from 96 Upper Deck, another very attractive set.    Cecil is featured on a Silver Slugger insert from 91 UD and 2013 A&G, both great additions to the Fielder collection.

                                           1996 Stadium Club                        2010 Upper Deck
I believe these two attractive Stadium Clubs are the first Tigers I have from the 1996 issue.  All World Insert from UD of the new Venezuelan Mayor

Mike Piazza - a personal collection favorite.  Featured is the CL from 96 Score and a gorgeous die-cut, refractorish insert from 97 Upper Deck.  I've never seen this card. FANTASTIC addition to the Piazzas!

The first nine cards of 1997 Upper Deck featured the gifted and talented Jackie Robinson.  These are cards 6 and 7.  Le Frenchman Papoy is toying with me here.  Now I need (must have) the other seven cards. 

Kevin, thank you for the terrific assortment of cards!  I'm gradually updating my Collecting tab with items needed which includes cards from 2013 Topps Cut To the Chase insert series and 2014 Stadium Club base. 

I recently received my first official PWE.  Pat over at Hotcorner sent several great cards which I managed to mix into my collections without scanning.  I truly live up to the name Cracked Bat. Fat little packages also arrived, sent by Mark Hoyle (our community activist/non-blogger), Marcus Pond at BackstopMichael Kaiser's Orange and Black, and one just yesterday from Jared, the Masked One.  I'll share these soon, first up will be from Mr.Ten Cents, Nick.

Here's a toast to Kevin, living several thousand miles away and close as the send button. Thank you for your generosity!

Keep it Pink!


  1. He sent me a stack of cards recently, as well! I got a Galarraga from that same set of Stadium Club, but I'm pretty sure it's 1996.

    1. Thanks for catching that error. Old eyes, tiny print..etc etc.

  2. Great cards from Kevin! Those Jackie Robinsons are fantastic.

  3. Great cards.. I also have a trade in the works with Kevin.

    1. Kevin is a fun trader. Lots of personality! Thank you Mark, for the great card selection. I'll be posting those soon!

  4. Glad you liked the cards ! You're right, papoy does come from despicable me, and it refers to a unicorn. It's the first word that came to mind when I was thinking of a blog title...don't ask...
    I should be ready to send out some more Tigers & al. your way really soon !