Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hanging by a Thread

Post Season blues.  I shouldn't be bummed. My Tigers aren't dead yet, although playing like they've been slightly poisoned. Getting beaten up by fourth place teams and hanging by a thread with a post-season berth.  The Tigers. 

What could possibly cheer me up?  Sharing some 2014 Triple Threads with you!  Literally.  If you see a card you're interested in - leave a comment. I'll be posting more of these for trade later on.  This edition of Cracked Bat offers some base, cardboard #/325 and a handful of patch.

I grabbed a couple of nice lots off eBay.  After seeing new pricing, I'm thrilled for being able to pick these up inexpensively.  My collection grew a bit with Tigers and retired players from my list. I like the look of 2014 Threads.  The patch cards have a smooth matte finish.  Really sharp! 96 Fleer was one of my fave issues in the 90s. Matte's not for everyone.

Prince Fielder eats like a King!  Good grief!  His future cards will be postcard size issues if he doesn't lay off the chips n dip!  I'm sure this photo is cropped from a close-up.  I apologize.

Bo Jackson.  I never understood his popularity. Was it all hype?  I borrowed this chart from the resource of geniuses -Wikipedia:

Mr. Two Sport couldn't give his all to THE game
due to football interests.  No, let's not be forced to choose.  Perhaps we can make some bling by
playing both games at a mediocre level.  Funny thing tho - Reggie Jackson hit .262 and struck out a LOT over 21 years time and hit on average, the same number of HRs a year as Good Ol' Bo in his three best years. Reggie is a true HOFer! We can only wonder about Bo.  He may be the only one who knows.

Strasburg 011/325      Bumgarner 065/325   Harper  322/325
Amethyst Triple Threads #d/325.   Nice product.  I can't afford to bust these or any of the top tier offerings of Topps. One box with three cards, or one box with a card...not for the average collector.  I did  pre-buy Stadium Club.  The first full box of cards I've purchased since 2002.   $95 for 72 cards and guaranteed hits. I'm a base card collector.  A nice insert, signature or relic won't be turned down but I want a nice base set.

   Maddux  130/325                                                                  Cespedes 004/325
I have a decent Maddux collection, perhaps 200 cards or so.  Far from complete. I'm listing my duplicates on Zistle soon, along with ALL of the Arod and McGwire I still have.  Most of my steroid cards are gone, banned from my collection.  I hope to use Zistle as a trading tool for my blog friends to peruse at their leisure, mouse in one hand - cool, refreshing beverage in the other. I do this for YOU.  It has absolutely nothing to do with any perceived need to organize and make new lists.

 To be honest, I don't know too much about these four men.  Ok, I know NOTHING about them. But what great-looking cards!  I could look up their stats etc but at this point in my post, the lazy bug has kicked in.  It's past dinner time.  I should take an evening walk, a shower and a nap before bedtime.

Lest I forget: THE TONY, Greg, Adam, Jared, Robert and Nick - little packages for each of you hitting the mail tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading!  I'm outta here!


  1. I like that Gattis card. The base cards are interesting this year.

    1. I'll tuck this into your package. :) Gattis is a nice card. I picked up all four for $5 shipped. I knew a fellow blogger might have an interest in one or two.

  2. I would like to claim the Maddux. My collection at 200 yet, but it is growing. Hopefully I can start chasing some of the high end stuff at some point. I am happy I have most of his rookies though.

    You got a lot of nice cards. As for Bo, I think his athleticism really made people overlook his stats. I liked him in the summer, but once fall came and he suited up for the Raiders I hated him. Who knows if he played baseball full time, maybe his stats would have been better and Kansas City might have made another playoff or two in the late 80's.

    Good luck to your Tigers, while I'm not supporting them 100%, they do have a few players I like. Kinsler and Scherzer being two of them.

    1. Maddux is set aside for you! I will put a little something together and try to send it next week. Hopefully most will be new to your collection! I don't have too much high end material unless it's picked up inexpensively. Regarding Bo - I wasn't paying much attention to baseball in his playing days. I would say though, it would take an above average athlete to play more than one sport. Seems like quite a toll physically and mentally. Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm enjoying your blog!

  3. Hook me up with your address when you get a chance. Have some cards to send your way.

  4. Triple Threads does look nice this year.

    As for Bo, you simply must watch the 30 For 30 documentary on him. If you've got Netflix, make it one of the next things you see. Yeah, he swung at a lot of bad pitches and had contact issues, but a lot of it was the athleticism he showed on defense and the cannon he had for an arm. Granted, he does have the highest personal strikeout rate vs. league average strikeout rate in history for any player. Well, any player outside of Javier Baez and his appearance this season.

    If Bo hadn't had his major football injury, perhaps he would have developed into a more complete player. I don't think you could really call his football abilities mediocre, though - and certainly not in Tecmo Bowl!

    1. Hey Bru - thanks for reading! 30 For 30 sounds like good wintertime viewing! I have to admit never seeing Bo play. I just YouTubed the Tecmo Bowl. As someone not familiar with this particular bowl game, I was pleasantly amused! Certainly not what I expected to see.

  5. Prince, Upton, and Cespedes pre-tiger days hanging out on this post.