Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The PWE: Lessons in proper usage

I have mixed feelings regarding the plain white envelope.  It's a perfect mode of transportation for bill payment or an old fashioned HWL (hand written letter.) I've received a few eBay wins in PWE form.  One could expect a single card to arrive safely. But five cards?   Unsleeved cards in taped-down top-loaders = one PWE??  Yes shipping was free. The seller had great feedback too.

I worked for the USPS for 15 years. I understand automation. Stamping hand cancel on an envelope has been pretty ineffective for 30 years or more now.  A possible exception would be to use the service window at the post office.  But once the letter is added to the mail flow, machines do the sorting. I don't blame the postal service.  I fault the packaging.  From the many blogs I read here regularly, PWEs are quite efficient for trading with minimal mishap. Fortunately the cards arrived at their new home, happy the journey was over. 

TWO Top loaders in ONE flimsy envelope

May I present... five 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game:

                                                    Murcer, one the few Yanks I've admired.
                                                                       This bird has flown  

                                                       Berra - also known for his catch phrases
                                                             Horton: recently non-deceased

These cards have green borders.  The scanner wasn't feeling well and chose them and this moment to express ...BLECH!  Yogi front and Murcer back suffered some tape damage. SUPER pet peeve!  Please tape a soft-sleeve over the loader.  It's not rocket science. Tape is sticky because it's TAPE!  

Any words of advice out there from PWE experts?  The USPS sincerely regrets any damages.


  1. If I'm buying a .99 card on eBay I don't mind if the seller sends a pwe as long as they offered free shipping. If I'm getting charged 3 bucks I expect a bubble mailer.

    Trading is a different story. The PWE is a great way to get cards to people on the cheap, as long as they are not of the high end variety.

    1. Lesson one: PWE = free shipping I completely agree and thanks for the comment! I enjoy your blog!

  2. Hey Julie, this is Nick from the "Dime Boxes" blog.

    Those "We Care" envelopes always scare me. I've gotten them a few times, but luckily the cards came undamaged.

    I also just saw your comment on my blog. The Freehan mini is yours. I have a few other Tigers I'll send you as well. Email me your address at nickpecucci AT sbcglobal DOT net and I'll get them out to you. Thanks!

    1. Email sent! Thanks for taking time to read and comment, Nick! You are an inspirational collector, to say the least!

  3. The Bird makes an appearance. Nice!