Saturday, September 20, 2014


1997 Collector's Choice Stick Ums - a brightly colored 30 card set. The Big B Online says these interactive reusable stickers could be used to create mini baseball scenes.  What would we do without the insightful reflections of Buckett?  But I digress...

Tony - THE TONY - recently offered some of these little charmers to his readers.  The kid in me couldn't resist the opportunity to add a couple of these to my player collections.


Cal Ripken Jr - class act, standout guy. Everything that could be written or said about this man has been, yet I keep typing...  He is one of the first players I paid attention to when I fell in love with the game.  The only thing he ever did to disappoint me was retire.  I doubt I'll ever have a majority of his cards but this gem is one more off the list!

Ken Caminiti (d. 2004)   I've always been a bit drawn to him.  Steroids, drugs, and alcohol - Ken was a troubled man. I can't pretend to know the struggles of the addicted. Yes he cheated the game.  He also cheated himself out of many good, living years.  I do keep a few of his cards around.  He had beautiful eyes.

Jeff Bagwell - lifetime Astro. Lifetime numbers:.297 average; 2314 hits; 449 homers. My only trip to the Astrodome in 2001 witnessed his first career grand slam.  I'd like to see him in the Hall.                                                                                                                                                                        

Mike Piazza -  His was one of the first player collection I began in 93.  One of his more memorable moments at the plate came on Sept 21, 2001, shortly after the 9/11 tragedy. The Mets were battling the Braves for playoff rights, trailing by 5.5 games.  Mike hit a mammoth home run in the bottom of the 8th inning. The Mets went ahead 3-2, winning the game. Although the Mets didn't make the playoffs, this brief moment in time gave the hometown crowd a much needed emotional release and cause for celebration.
I really like the colorful style of the 2014 Finest release.  This scan doesn't reveal the metallic glory of Miggy's follow-thru.  What a great card!  I may attempt to pick up the set on eBay if I can find a good deal.

The final two cards are super-sweet manufactured patches. Here are two Commemorative Patches from 2010 Topps:
                 The switch hitting second Baseman for the Cardinals, HOFer Red Schoendienst!

Bob Feller: career pitcher with the Indians.  266-162 W/L   3.25 ERA and over 2500 K's !! Entered the HOF on the first ballot with 93.8% of votes.  I love this arrowhead patch!  I don't know who's wearing the bigger smile - Feller or the Indian Scout!

Thank you again Tony, for another fun trade!

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  1. I'm glad you got and liked the cards, Julie. I also like how I have now been promoted to THE Tony! :-)