Sunday, October 8, 2017

He's Pretty Good!

Did you file a tax extension?  I work for a large accounting firm whose clients mostly extend.  I've had time to sneek peaks at Twitter  {how did I manage w/o Twitter?}  and read a few of your posts during some down time.  After spending endless daytime hours {are daytime hours endless?} on a computer, posting hasn't been a top priority.  Going to bed early has won out every time!  The final deadline looms with Oct 16th.  Quality time on the blogs is just around the corner!

The Tigers' 2017 season was over months ago.  I am still a fan {it's too much trouble to redesign the blog} but do follow the Astros heavily.  Altuve has been one of my favorite players in the game since I returned to the hobby in 2012.  He had a lot to do with it actually.   Altuve - smiling, joking and playing to win - made collecting a worthy and fun endeavor once more.  

I learned a painful lesson in the 90s with prospecting.  Not once did I get it right. Here are just a few examples:

For each of these cards there were nearly all possible variations stored away in a closet - refractors, autographs, parallels - all waiting for the pay-off.  These players alone filled a 1000 count box. Ouch. All are still waiting but not in my collection.  During my summer clean up, most went to the Salvation Army along with dupes and commons. 

In 2012, Altuve became the one to build my new collection around.  Other young players I enjoy by keeping cards pulled or received in trades.  A smiling Altuve drove me to ebay and COMC.  I began picking up his first cards rather inexpensively.  I don't recall ever spending more than $6-10 for any higher end cards.  There are more limited versions of his rookies but I'm happy with what I own.  If I were to begin collecting today, most Altuve RCs would already be out of my price range. 

While working to organize his cards, I put the rookies together and found these pleasant surprises:

2010 Lexington Legends, several versions of 2011 Bowman
2011 Topps base, cognac    2011 Bowman Sterling base, refractor

2010 Bowman Chrome - base, purple and X
Since 2012, I've amassed several hundred Altuves including autos, fancy patches and cards #'d to ten, five and one.  None of these cards were purchased with any thought given to future value.  This is what makes the hobby work for me.   It doesn't hurt however, that Altuve is pretty good!