Sunday, May 14, 2017

Frankly, It's a Trade Post

Is there an obligation to share when trading? This post is a tribute to a good number of trade partners. Until I can share some of the cardboard glory from bloggers kind enough to send it, trading doesn't seem right.  That's my conscience talking certainly, but those are my rules.  We all live busy lives and when the cardboard comes a knocking, there isn't always time for scanning.  It certainly put me behind.  Once I found time to return to the blog community, I had a massive amount of trades to scan and share.  My aging scanner gave me the opportunity to take an easier path and use the smart phone camera.  

First up:  Jedi Jeff of 2x3 Heroes' has likely forgotten about these cards by now.  My favorites included a Cat and his litter along with awesome tattoos, a nice relic and a mini!!!  Thank you Jeff.  I appreciate the grace given for the time it's taken to share these!

 Our second Jeff of this post,  Bubble gummer Jeff Jones packed a lot of pop into a small mailer:

The 2008 Verlander First Day Issue is a sweet looking card.  Nice addition to the JV collection! Thank you Jeff! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Rolling along with the JJ's, here's a peek at a mailer from The Junior Junkie. There's a lot of shiny to be found with Pacific die cut base cards and Trammel in his Dufex Foil glory.  Hope to see you on the blogs again soon TJ - thank you!

Skipping over a few letters of the alphabet,  it's Angels collector Tom this time, who sent a package made to order.  A Porcello Rookie and a sweet Salt Lake Bees Ty Cobb can be found among a smattering of high school grad photos from 92 Stadium Club Dome and an overall great selection of cards.  Thanks for this fun lot of cards!!!

All of these packages contained more than the cards shown here. I have learned it isn't necessary to share all the cards however, it's always necessary to say thank you.

Happy Hot Dog courtesy Google Images


  1. That Cobb is the bee's knees! That 1st Day Issue Verlander is sweet too.

    1. Agreed and couldn't have put it better myself!

    2. all thanks to blogger generosity!

  2. I sent you cards? What was I thinking?