Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Packing It Up

The packing is growing old, and quickly.  All the books and most cards are packed.  It's the little stuff getting to me. My desire for organization will not allow for packing random items in the same box; e.g. waffle iron and used soap collection. But I must, to make best use of space in the moving truck aka U-Haul.  I need to be finished by the end of day Wednesday.  Thursday through Sunday are scheduled fun days: one last Ranger game, possibly Six Flags, a day spent at my beloved LCS - 28 miles away, one more visit to Half Price Books and meeting up with friends for a meal or two.  On Monday, the wheels roll north. 
As an excuse to put off packing a bit longer, I wanted to share some mail goodies from generous blogger pals.   Kaiser the Great from Orange and Black Wax did a bit of shopping and knocked a few items off  my want list.  It's really more of a need  list. But you understand this.

1985 Topps Father/Son subset card
1991 Topps

KTG sent a message that he had the Whitaker rc I needed to complete my 78 Topps team set.  I appreciate the time he took to choose a few cards to send along with it.  Kaiser has disappeared again.  He's been caught in an 80s time continuum but will hopefully return once the time machine spits him out.
Foul Bunt Orioles blogger William Regenthal surprised me with a nearly complete team set from 1987 Topps.  Added to the cards I already owned, I can cross this year off my needy little list.
He also tucked in four Gehrigs, all new to my collection.
                                    2010 Topps Vintage Legends             2011 Topps Lineage
                                   2010 Topps Vintage Legends                  2013 GQ
2011 Lineage was issued a couple of years before my return to collector's paradise. I looked up the set on Cardboard Connection for a little background. I will agree with the reviewer that these cards are comparable to a Topps flagship design.   Too bad Topps wasted a good idea on their only Lineage release. It's a Topps design I actually like.  Thanks William! I hope to return the kindness in the near future.
The last package I'll share tonight is from Tim, the Smelly Cardboard Guy.  Tim burst into the blogging world in December and has made friends quickly, trading like the Bull market!  He sent over a colorful lot of cards - which by the way, do not  stink. 
 My first 2015 Bowman Tigers, including a chrome Kubitza and mini- Farm's Finest Derek Hill.

Purple-licious Topps with purple foil Avila - Toys R Us perhaps? Victor appears courtesy 2015 Donruss.

2003 Bowman Chrome refractor Pena;  2011 Bowman's Best design Cabrera and a 2010 exfractoring Ordonez.  That one scanned pretty well!

1995 Bowman's Best Fryman w/guest Expo Michael Barrett.  2014 Topps Cabrera, hot-looking foil! 
 2011 Topps Blue Parallel Martinez;  2008 SP Authentic Matt Joyce; 1997 Score Sierra Private Stock parallel; 1994 O-Pee-Chee Fryman; 2001 Fleer Platinum Cruz 007/201.   Tim's doing a great job so far.  What's left?
 A 1983 Yankee yearbook TCMA insert, neatly separated from his paged companions!

 1968 Topps baseball game Al Kaline!  What a gem! A very cool surprise!
2012 and 2015 GQ framed Ripkens
One more card from Tim to share with you - 2003 Topps Bazooka Joe in his Tiger duds:

I got a kick out of this card because of a recent purchase made on a trip to OKC.  My Sis and I stopped into a vintage antique shop.  I caught this little guy smiling at me from across the room.  The price was right at only five dollars.  Joe was clean and in excellent shape.  

So far the neighbors aren't gossiping about my new and much younger roommate.  I'll say this, Joe is pretty worthless when it comes to helping me pack. When I begin to complain, he smiles that little smile - at least he did til I shoved him in a plastic bag and packed him up with the waffle iron and soap!
Tim, thanks much!  I'll work on a Yankee gathering for you soon!


  1. Great cards, especially liked that Kaline! I've got some cards for you when you finally get to MI.

    1. Great Kaline! Thanks John - that's sweet! I'm hitting the road in just a couple of days. My mail is already being delivered to the new place. I warned the carrier there would be a LOT of incoming packages - trades and my secret ebay nightlife.

  2. I think I'll call Tim "The Smelly Cardboard Guy" now, too. That Greenberg oddball is terrific!

    1. Tim is great, very generous. I have a nice card set aside for him, if he's still speaking to me.

  3. It looks like Joe has been hitting the PEDs. The difference between the card and the real thing is staggering. Reminds me of my 87 Bonds compared to his Giant years. I guess being the face of bubble gum got to him.

    1. Hilarious Matt! too funny! He's definitely over a foot tall but tightly contained for now. No access to PEDs or sugar.

  4. That's so funny that you recently picked up a Joe. I had actually meant to send that card in a previous package but somehow it got left out until now. Ironic how things work out. Oh, and BTW, of course I'm still talking to you. I hope the move goes smoothly and I look forward to an updated address so I can send another stack of Tigers goodies your way as a 'house warming' gift! Take care.