Friday, May 29, 2015

Just Between Friends

Packer/procrastinator = me.  Yes, I should be packing - don't judge.  I won't have internet as of May 28th so am making good use of the time now for reading and post preparation.  Two last packages were sent to my Dallas address and I want to share these before I'm off radar for a week to ten days. 

I truly enjoy the friendships found here in this special world. It means much that you've accepted me.  Women aren't always welcome in the card hobby, so I thank you!   Another blogger reached out to me recently, knowing I can't offer anything in return for awhile.  A gentle giant of a guy.  Why he is feared so, I don't understand.  He told me he was harmless.  I choose to trust his words.  Here are the cards he sent:

Harmless little stickers. Nothing offensive in these fun little collectibles. Although using tigers to express  ones tamer nature is well, different.

2014 Topps and parallels, nothing scary here.
Mr. Tiger himself, from one of my favorite sets: 2001 UD Decade 1970s.  Once moore, nothing frightening here. Should I be looking for a hidden message within this trade package? That's silly talk.

 A touch of the 80s  here.  I especially like the 86 LEAF Parrish!  I only have 86 Donruss Tigers.  1989 Sportflics, always a cool addition! All nice cards in this scan.

Very cool 99 Ultra Platinum Medallion 33/99 Brian Hunter! He stole  74 bases with the Tigers in 1997.  Brings to mind this well-known image:

This pic was borrowed from Nick's Dimebox blog.  Thanks Nick!   Masked men do have a mysterious quality about them - think Lone Ranger, not the fellow poking a gun into your ribs while politely asking for your wallet.

A sweet lot of premium cards!  2011 Triple Thread Cabrera #/625;  2008 SPX swatch Ordonez 53/99 and a slick 2015 Museum of some nameless pitcher now with the Nationals.

I have an odd French fry craving.  Skipping breakfast isn't good for you. Something tells me I'll be making a burger run later. Sorry for the distraction, not sure where it came from.  This last round of cards honors the decade 00.   2005 Fleer Patchworks Pudge - new for the pc!  2000 Stadium Club Easley, overall nice card design but names are tough to read on the Chrome version.  Fick Finest 2000 and two XX from 2008 Upper Deck X baseball, cuz that was a great idea.

What a fun surprise from my newest friend!  I hesitate to reveal his identity lest you judge him too harshly.  He extended a hand in friendship which I gladly accepted.  This guy seems genuine to me but perhaps you should decide for yourselves.

Mystery Blogger

Oh. Now I get the fry craving.  Those piercing and hypnotic eyes are to blame.  My refrigerator is empty of all but salad fixins and milk.  Time for a fish sandwich and those golden fries. 

Thank you Wes for the polite, friendly introduction!  First impressions are usually correct! I see blue skies and smooth sailing ahead!


  1. Good luck with the packing, don't stay off the radar too long ! And of course, really cool cards from Wes, as always

  2. You know, I thought the same thing when I first got an envelope in the mail from Wes. The next thing you know, he's sending me action figures from slasher pics and declaring war on me! LOL!

    Those are great cards, Julie. Be safe in your travels and don't go away too long!

  3. 1) I won't have internet as of May 28th posted this in May 29th. You a liar!

    2) It means much that you've accepted me. Women aren't always welcome in the card hobby, so I thank you!

    Yeah, well..... It's the fact that you are a bit of a nutrod for the reason you have been accepted.

    That UD Sparky almost looks like a painting.