Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Snake Charmer

There's a snake in my boot!!  I've always wanted to say that.  Thanks to Daniel and his card shop,  snakes are no longer a problem!  I packed them all in a box and shipped them first class to his door!  In exchange for the reptilian cardboard,  he sent Tigers:

Armando is a First Day Issue, 2008 Stadium Club.
Prince in his too-large bubble helmet on 2013 Topps Update Gold  0097/2013
Carlos Pena - 2003 Upper Deck Classic Portraits.  I recall watching him in the minors.  He was playing first and flirting with girls on the first row.  I was a few rows back and delighted when he made an error.

Josh Rainwater - 2003 Bowman Draft Pick   I'm a black border fan despite the problems dark borders create.   Josh never made it out of the minors.  Card back says he aspires to control his own likeness in a baseball video game someday.  Perhaps the focus should've been on his pitching and making the bigs first.

 2012 Topps Career Day and Mound Dominance
 2015 Topps Highlights  2012 Topps Then & Now

 I realize I'm a bit late to the show - 10 years or so - but what was the consensus on white Topps Chrome from 2004?  These are my first.  The cardboard appears to be high quality, no curling or bowing but the Topps design certainly does nothing for me.

          2003 Upper Deck Game Face  and 40-Man....over 2200 pointless pieces of cardboard.

                                   2003 Upper Deck Vintage - yep...going back to their roots

2004 Donruss Leather and Lumber.  I want  to like this design.  It just isn't there.  The love must have been with the inserts and razzle dazzle relics.  I have to be in love with the base card to commit.
2005 Diamond Kings - well we've come along way from subset to inserts.  Too big for our pants, we have to be our own card issue.  And that is just what you have dear Diamond Kings...issues.  On the left we have a strikingly handsome Pudge Rodriguez, aura surrounds him.  Running low on paint or out of time, Mr. Gibson isn't treated with the same fanfare. Different artists you say?  Different pay scale I say. No aura for Gibby, he gets shadow puppets.

I wasn't around for 2007 Topps Chrome either but have heard all  about it. Senseless colors in each corner.   Had Topps used team colors we could have avoided the bitterness that erupts each time 2007 Topps is uttered.  It looks a bit more alluring against the white background, as shown on the Pudge refractor below.

2003  Fleer Rookies and Greats insert The Naturals  and  2010 Topps 206 featuring Mr. Tiger.

     1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars Homerun Derby  1055/2500 - one time a low numbered insert.
                   2009 Bowman Chrome refractor 123/150 -  one time a low numbered parallel.

 Wow Daniel!  I feel soooooooo much better now. Thanks for letting me take it out on the cards!  I really do like these  - I just enjoy sarcasm more!  Great trade and I hope to do it again!  I'm keeping all the Diamondbacks for you, boxed with a tight lid!

If you haven't read  It's Like Having My Own Card Shop then get over there!  Daniel is a snake charmer and will trade for yours!


  1. Well done with the Toy Story reference!

    1. a favorite line! Snakes and Boots are pretty darn Texan.