Friday, March 6, 2015

Rocky Mountain High

Adam is a well-known, generous trader and Rockies fan with an eye for details.  When trading with Adam, you'll likely receive a couple of cards with your team players featured in the background, on the back of the card or perhaps barely making the frame.  In return, perhaps you can save any cards featuring Coors field for him.

                               Let's just get these stickers out of the way, shall we?  Love 'em!

I received a small priority mail box packed with a couple hundred cards in December, on the very day I was leaving for Michigan.  I packed it into my carry-on for a holiday card fix.   Infield Fly Rule had surprised me again!  I'm probably surprising him now, finally sharing his generosity with y'all!   Here is each and every card, posted one at a time:

Suckers...just kidding!  It was a little difficult to pick my favorites.   I'm drawn to HOFers, quirky and oddball cards.  For those who believe quirky and oddball are one and the same, here are some examples to help differentiate:

Quirky and odd.  Ok.  So there isn't much difference. Canseco's card is a bit of both.  Not being a fan of his, I never turned this card over to check out the back.  No doubt it passed through my hands many times over the years.  Off it goes into the fun binder!   His posturing does bring back a humorous memory.  I caught a Ranger game with the visiting A's in 1997.  Jose stood in basically the same place behind the cage, in the same pose for the entire duration of their batting practice. Smiling and shifting his feet, leaning on the bat,  he stood there while fans took countless photos.  Apparently he'd been doing this routine for years!

Adam also included Tigers and hit on my player collections:

Love this guy!
Altuve  Mini - 2013

Max Max Max...if he weren't such a nice guy, I could be angry.  Hurt though, I am.  Endless nights, pillow wet with tears.  But that had nothing to do with him really.  There was a pea under my mattress.

                      1995 UC3 from Pinnacle                              1993 Upper Deck w/brother Billy  
                             1992 Ultra                           1996 Topps                  2007 UD Masterpieces
Sweet stash of Ripkens!  I'd missed Cal's appearance on 96 Topps Valentin. Adam's sharp eye added another card to the Cal collection!   All of these were needed! 

1992 Stadium Club, all needed towards the team set completion.

Jim Abbott was born without a right hand but gifted with determination.  Jim was also a star quarterback in high school. He had a very respectable pitching career with a career ERA of 4.25. 

1954 Topps Archives Kaline and what a beauty!  The original Archives...the ones I liked!  Reprints of the original set made these classics affordable for me, and for many collectors. 

 HOFers galore!  Three more with Mantle, Berra and Mathewson.  I'm a big fan of  Sweet Spot Classics.  Mathewson is from 2005 and the first card from this set in my collection. 

Adam, you did it again!  I got quite the high while opening this box over the holidays!  Thank you for the incredible selection of cards! Looking forward to our next swap!  Always a fun trader, check out Infield Fly Rule ! 


  1. Ok, I really need that Mantle card. The photo looks surreal . The Ripken Masterpieces is kind of creepy

    1. Ripken looks much better unscanned and the Mantle is beyond cool. I don't purchase Opening Day so I'd missed out on this one. MINE MINE MINE!

  2. That's funny, I was organizing my 1995 Topps recently and I realized that the 1995 Topps Jose Lind has a shot similar to the 1996 Valentin, and I moved the Lind from a box to a binder... Now I just need to see if I have the Valentin card for the 1996 binder.

    1. Your collection would be one to see! Valentin should be an easy pick up, and cheap.

  3. That Russian card remains one of the strangest I've ever run across. And it's part of the base set!

    1. Thanks so much for the fun cards. You are a great trading partner! Looking forward to many more!