Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ordered by the Angels

Tom is the host of Order.  Tom began blogging in 2009, posting regularly. It took me several months to come across his blog!  Seems his Angels were hiding.  If you haven't traded with him, check out his want lists.  The one I found most interesting is a checklist collection.  I think of all those I tossed over the years.  You too, eh?  

We recently completed our first trade.  He sent a generous helping of Conlon Collection which I'll share another time.  Tom also included Tigers and favorite players from my list.

70s Topps Vintage
                                                           1979                                            1976
                                                          1973                                                  1976

                                                                          1976 Checklist

                                                                       2012 Topps Mini

I like holding these Minis.  The size of the card is comfortable in my hand. Reminds me of 50s Bowman I think.  Great card!

                                                                  2006 SP Legendary Cuts

A favorite card issue!  Two time Cy Young winner Denny McLain won 31 games in 1968.  Over 10 years, he racked up 131 wins against 91 losses.  Career ERA 3.39

                                                                  2009 Goodwin Champions

Nice looking Ripken - which is surprising to me. Blue sky reminds me of early Bowman.  I'm only familiar with Champions of the last two years.  Most of the images I've seen aren't too good...and I'm being polite. For instance:

This may not be too  awful.  How about Pete Rose:

 Nolan and Pete appear courtesy of Google Images.  I do NOT own these cards.  How does Goodwin compare to A&G and GQ?  How many of you like Goodwin, and why?  Hits?  Design?  I'm interested in your responses.

                                                                           1993 Ted Williams
                                                                             1994 Ted Williams

Did you know Bob Gibson played with the Harlem Globetrotters before beginning his baseball career?  Apparently he had quite the back-handed dunk.   

Rube Foster 1879-1930; known as the father of Black Baseball; founder and manager of the Chicago American Giants. He organized the Negro National League, the first professional league for African American players. An outstanding pitcher in his own right, Rube was elected to the HOF in 1981.

Elston Howard  1929-1980; began his baseball career in the Negro Leagues,  playing for Buck O'Neil's Kansas City Monarchs.  As baseball finally welcomed the Negro League stars, he became the first African American to play for the Yankees.
Willie Mays: say hey, he began his career in 1947 with the Chattanooga Choo-Choos.  Mays moved back home to Alabama to play with the Birmingham Black Barons, winning the pennant and advancing to the Negro League World Series where they lost to the Homestead Grays.

An oddball, Tigers style!  A 1999 Ballpark Franks giveaway celebrating 75 years of Tiger Stadium.  A ten card set, passed out two cards per game over five games from May thru September. These two cards were still in the giveaway envelope, from Sept 25 1999 set #5 :

Tom, how awesome, totally!  In my best valley girl voice...  Thank you for these cards and the beautiful Conlons!  I hope we can trade again.  I'm stocking up on Angels, but you'll have to put them in order.


  1. Seems unlikely Willie Mays would have lost anything...did someone fact check that card before it went to print?

    1. Ted Williams is/was -never- wrong, so therefore the card must be correct.

  2. The Goodwin of recent vintage leaves me pretty cold. It's not that I am a logo snob, but I do like players being pictured as players!

    1. I don't understand why UD doesn't draw players into a bland uniform, at the very least. Serious lack of creativity for UD.

  3. LOVE the Ted Williams Company cards! They had some great subsets within that set.

    1. Yes they did Tim. Only released in 93 and 94. I have both sets but these individual cards from trades get a spot in special binders.

  4. The Ballpark Tigers Cards were a giveaway at the second-to-the-last game ever played at Tiger Stadium. I flew up there from CA to see a game there before they closed it. That was an awesome stadium - so much history.