Sunday, February 22, 2015

Johnny's a Brave Trader

He is  pretty brave after all, trading with a cracked bat.  Johnny's Trading Spot sent a fat package of cards in mid-December.  I came home from holiday in January to a generous offering of Conlons and Tigers!  He sent a USPS priority box filled with a couple hundred sweet pieces of cardboard.  It was my first trade with John.  I'm so sorry it's taken so long to share some of these cards with all of you!

   I always enjoyed Pinnacle brand.  These 1992 Tigers look somewhat subdued next to  their hypnotic 1998 Fleer Skybox counterparts.
I have yet to learn the art of scanning foil cards in a way that reflects their often colorful designs.
Here's a snapshot of the Justin Thompson card which shows off a bit of the 3D design.

Studio became a regular addition to my collection beginning with the full bleed issue of 1993.  These cards are from 1992, and 1991 respectively.
2013 Topps Archives Doug Fister and Austin Jackson.  I am among the collectors who find Archives irritating and perhaps unnecessary especially with Heritage already regurgitating classic designs. The 1972 design is among my top Topps.  I truly appreciate trades that include my Tigers on these newer issues as I don't purchase more than a random pack or two.

2008 A&G  and 2012 GQ - also products which get no more than a blaster box of my collecting dollars.
I liked 1995 Topps overall.  Were we so far removed from this issue in 2001?  Really Topps?  An Archive? 
John included a rather large stack of Conlons which I'll share a little later on.  I was elated with the number of cards he sent.  I had a lot of fun going through these and could only share a small amount here. I appreciate the generosity!!!  If you haven't read Johnny's Trading Spot, do check out his blog.  He's a Braves fan and John Elway collector.
Thanks for your patience!  You helped complete several older team sets. I'm saving Braves for you, John.

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed the cards, and even more glad to hear that it knocked out some team sets for you!