Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lost and Found - at the Trading Post

AJ (known as The Lost Collector) has been blogging four years or thereabouts.  We recently completed a recently as early December!  Yes, I'm still catching up.  AJ graciously posted regarding our exchange last Sunday.  I want to express my thanks and will attempt to do so without making any AJ-like cracksThere are no guarantees.
I'm very happy to drop my Yanks on another collector. Even more so, to a collector living so near Yankee headquarters.  AJ's recycling program suits me just fine - Yanks in...Tigers out!

Minis from 86 and 88.  Very similar design, two years a part. Very clean cards!

Two cards from 1984

 1994 Panini Stickers.  I do love stickers. The back says bend and peel.  These are most unusal instructions. I can sit and peel just as easily.

 1985 Leaf Evans - I'm almost certain this is the first card I have depicting the Leaf logo.

Petry is on 83 Fleer cardboard.

2012 Heritage, and a 2013 Heritage Martinez.  Is it me, or does Benoit look a little more gansta each year?

 2012 Bowmans include a Tyler Collins rookie.  His cards can often be found on COMC listed under Ty Cobb. Could this be a sign of future greatness?  Of course, Ty Cobb is often listed under Tyler Collins.    AJ threw in 2011, 2013 and 2014 Topps Updates including a 2013 Chrome Update Verlander.
I truly like the 2002 Donruss design. It would've been much improved sans the blank, black box on the bottom front border.  Miggy powers up on 2014 Topps.  I wanted to lick this card.  It looks so grapey good.  Turner shines on 2012 Bowmans Best - pretty much all the shining he did with the Tigers.  He's now a Cubby and a youngster at 23.

2014 BP purple parallel looks pretty edible too.  2012 Topps Archives.  I enjoy receiving these cards because I won't purchase Archives.  The set is too confusing and just one more Topps marketing ploy.
2011 Topps Marquee Miggy numbered 68/299.  The first Marquee in my collection.  In fact, the first time I'd heard of Marquee.  Good-looking, thicker card.

AJ thank you for the trade!  You added some nice cards to my Tiger collection!


  1. I enjoyed the trade as well. Hope we can trade again in the near future!

    1. Thank you! I'll be on the lookout for some nice Yanks for you.

  2. Nice cards. I remember having some of those 88 minis as a kid. Never a fan of minis, I must say that was one that I liked. Hope the new year is treating you good.

    1. Hi there! All is well in Texas. Happy New year to you Phil!