Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Have a Coke and a Smile

Right before my holiday break, the Night Owl came calling. I received a surprise mailer containing  cards new to my collection. Greg's famous around the card-collecting, sports-loving blog-o-sphere. His blog was the first I'd come across while researching 1975 Topps.  I had jury duty one day this past July and decided to make the best of a long morning while remaining one of the unchosen.  I read several of his posts and explored other links on his blog roll.  What an super way to collect a paycheck!  Doing my civic duty and reading about baseball cards for hours!
Inside the mailer were these cards - friends and colleagues of some I already owned:
          2012, 2013 and a mini 2014 Allen & Ginter with two 2012 Topps Heritage.
Also included were a few Topps: a 2012 and three from 2013 Opening Day
All were welcomed, joining their fellow teammates in the binder. The best surprise was still sealed in the original cellophane. Greg shared this item on his blog back in October.  He offered it up in trade for something extra-good in exchange.
                                  A TIGERS COCA-COLA THREE PACK FROM 1981!
I can't recall exactly what I sent Greg but it must've been good enough.  In his post, Greg mentioned the 14-year-old in me really REALLY wants to open that pack.  Bring your 14 year old self to the screen Greg and let's open this pack.
Perhaps the most unfamiliar face here is Aurelio Lopez. He was known as Senor Smoke during his time with Detroit. He spent eleven seasons in MLB putting up a 62-36 WL with 3.56 ERA.  Mr. Smoke began his career in the Mexican Leagues and was voted into the Mexican Professional Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993. He has been described as the pitcher with the highest velocity in Mexican baseball history according to WikipediaHe was killed in an automobile accident the day following his 44th birthday in 1992.  An oddity mentioned by W-pedia is that he and the only other players in MLB history named Aurelio (Rodriguez and Monteagudo) were all killed in auto accidents before the age of 53.
The backs on these cardboard collectibles bear the Coca-Cola logo which blends in with the pinkish background. If you responded to the offer on the header card back, you received an uncut sheet of 132 cards. Never offered before!
Greg, thank you.  What a fun surprise!  The Cola cards fall right in line with my love of oddball cards!


  1. While the Gibson & Kemp use the same photo as in the "regular" Topps set, the Lopez card uses a different photo. I've been tracking down the 1981 Coke "Variations" and I believe Lopez is the only one for the Tigers (not counting minor cropping differences).

    I mailed away for one of the 1981 uncut sheets like is advertised on the back of the header card... I should dig it out someday and make a post out of it.

    That is just freaky about the three Aurelios!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm reading up on your blog right now. It seems I've been missing out! and yes, super freaky indeed!

  2. 14-year-old N.O. loved that. He will one day get all the Coke cards.

    1. Yes, I believe he will. Once he begins blogging and trading, his collection will flourish!