Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Cubs Win the Pennant!

The Cubs in 2015?  Waiting 'til Next Year's P-town Tom is wishin' and hopin'.  He's a faithful fan through n through.  With the addition of John Lester to their rotation, it appears the Cubs mean business this year.  I'll be cheering them too!

Tom and I did a little trading recently.  I'm not sure how I discovered his blog, perhaps through Matt's Bob Walk the Plank.  Ryne Sandberg is one of my players. Not coincidently, Tom collects Ryne as well.  I went through his wish list hoping I had a dupe he could use. I struck out on Ryne.  However, we have another collection in common.  We both attempted to build 2002 Topps Total.  I knew there had to be at least one other crack out there! I was a set builder then and thought this will be so much fun!  Is it any wonder I gave up collecting the same year??

                                                                      Attractive Base Card

                                                                              Ugly Insert
The base card design was simple, attractive enough at $1 a pack.  Not a product for anyone looking for nice inserts or hits.   I found a dozen or so cards for Tom. (I have about 200 more, if anyone is interested - hint hint...)   He may be a bit crazier than me!  In his gratitude for these simple cards, I received an incredible selection of cards:

1988 Topps UK Mini Trammell - awesomeness!
 Fun fact: since retiring in 2001, Rico Brogna has coached high school football and basketball.  Rico managed the Diamondbacks AA affiliate Mobile Bay Bears in 2010.  In 2011, he left baseball for good to continue as a high school football coach.

Fun fact:  Tigers re-signed Martínez to a four-year, $68 million contract on November 12, 2014.  Fun for Victor anyway. He plans to retire as a Tiger.

Fun fact: As a teen, Cabrera was a contestant in the Star Quest dance competition back in the early 90s.  He danced to Puttin' on the Ritz, winning fourth place.* 

  • 1987 Sportflics Jack Morris
  • Gibson running from the Score photographer. 
  • Super Cool Fryman! I love this shiny, black bordered card!  Must-have-a-set.  33 cards, high book $4.  Come on Santa!

BIZ BRIGHT white swatch of  Jackson, traded to the Mariners this past Summer. Good-looking card!

And now, the Sandberg Report:

WHAT A HAUL! Gorgeous cards and I had only one of these (Gypsy Queen.)  Tom was tremendously grateful for a handful of Topps Total.)  Could it get any better?  Yes?  Yes!!

From 1976 SSPC:

The Good Book offers info on this set for the price of an online subscription. Known as the 1976 Pure Card set due to the lack of borders, logos and signatures. It differs from other sets produced by TCMA in that it cannot be reprinted because of an agreement with the manufacturer.  (A summation offered to you at no charge.)  I like these cards.  Simple, clean, smooth cardboard.

Tom, thank you so very much!  I'm tempted to send you my Total starter set (400 cards or so) in return for your generosity!  I doubt I'll ever finish it anyway.  Perhaps I'll pick it over for cards you still need, so update your list! A fun trade indeed!

If anyone out there has 2002 Topps Total for trade, please check out Tom's list.  He appears to be desperate.  Hey, if the Cubs could win the pennant, then surely Tom could finish this set.
Naysayers, yes he could.

 *This is a  complete fabrication.


  1. Ahhhh! I tried looking up the Miguel Cabrera factoid before I finished reading the post. I was all like, "I gotta see this!" But then the website wouldn't load correctly and I was bummed. Turns out, I'm just more gullible than I thought! Ha!

    I'm glad you liked the fact that I dumped all of the Tigers in my trade box on you. ;-)

    I received your holiday card this past week and I'm working on a recap post. The cards are stellar, especially the Sandberg! I can't believe you were willing to part with it. Thanks so much!

    1. After all the great cards you sent, I wanted to show my appreciation! I'm saving new Cubbies for ya!

  2. You gotta love someone who can enjoy simple, great looking base cards !

    1. So true! I'm one of those 'lovable' folks. ;)