Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Catching Up!

Jared of Catching Up With Collecting, sent a great package full of cards I did not yet have.  How he was able to determine this, I'm not yet sure. I absolutely need to work on updating my list, now that cards are flowing in due to the generosity of so many of YOU!  Jared's blog is a good read if you haven't had the opportunity.

Jared sent cards from four decades including Topps, Upper Deck, TCMA, Panini, Boardwalk/Baseball and other fun oddities.
There were more than 60 cards in the package and a lot of ooohs and aaaaahs while opening. Yesterday I shared a well-loved 2nd year Kaline which really took me by surprise upon arrival.  Unless the postman drops it in the box, I'll not own an anywhere-near-mint rookie Kaline.  Love knows no age:
                         Mothers threw out thousands of cards back in the day -2010 Topps 
More Kalines! I find the design of 2011 Topps Lineage quite pleasing. I could be in trouble now. I think I may need a set.  Thanks a lot Jared.  2012 Topps Archives 3-D didn't scan well.  It's a groovy card though! Very Kellogg's. After investigating this insert set I also need Ruth, Mantle and Clemente.  More thanks...Jared.    2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's.  Luckily, I own this set. These two cards can go into the player collection!  While the photography isn't the best in Decades, I was sold on the 70s theme.  I also like the incorporation of Topps designs by Upper Deck.  No doubt the fly on the wall heard a bit of blasphemy in Topps' executive offices when this set debuted.
 Ty Cobbs.  Good-looking Gypsy Queen!  Black borders are always a winner for me. But what's this 2007 UD Masterpiece?  I quit collecting around 2002 and missed out on too many great issues.  Out of my budget at the time but still a gorgeous card.  Thanks to COMC, I just stocked up on a few of my favorites!  Jared, seriously.
Time for a mini-moment.  Wow. Don't you feel better too? Don't let the MONO logo frighten you.  Just a crazy name for Turkish smokes. Rocky Colavito green and blue backs with a Hindu Cobb.  Also two Cobbs and a Greenberg from Topps.  Three classy little pieces of cardboard!
Domino's Pizza, cheesy cardboard goodness.  Pizza, not the card. The card is awesome! Issued in 1988 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the World Series Champions.  I hope to see the Tigers win a WS in my lifetime.  They'd better hurry it up a bit.   1979 TCMA 1950s Fred Hutchinson. Nice-looking card. I will not look into this set.  Just won't do it. Nice try Jared.  1987 Boardwalk and Baseball. Dang it, I looked. The 33 card set was produced by Topps for the B/W Theme Park in Florida. Apparently the set came in a blue collector box. No pitchers in this set - only Top Run Makers.
                                   Sapphire gem! 343/499    313/325 Shimmering beauty!
                                                              Cooperstown Lumberjacks
I have a very real weakness for old-timers. While Panini isn't for many, I do enjoy some of their issues.  2013 Cooperstown  is one of these. I know it's coming.  This one will go on my want list. I've already begun building the 2012 set.  Thank you Jared, for including these cards!  Love them!
I hope Jared will forgive the time it took to get these posted. I've a bit of catching up to do. Looking forward to more trading with Catching up with Collecting! These cards definitely do work with my collection!


  1. I've enjoyed trading with Jared too. Nice cards!

  2. Jared filled holes in my collection...and created a couple too. I need two more sets thanks to him! Great fun!

  3. Cool blog, will be following! I have ten 2014 A&G Tigers cards, e-mail me where to send if you want them.

    1. Hail Kaiser! email sent! Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll be dropping by your blog soon!

  4. Nice pickups! I really like those lumberjacks cards, It reminded me of a couple that I have somewhere In my closet from 2013. I have a ton of Tigers cards from all different sets If your interested!