Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Delinquent Trade Files

Yes,  the juvenile in me is a delinquent - the adult no better.  I continue my streak of misbehavior with months of unshared trade packages lurking in the closet.  This week we open the door just enough to allow a few into the dimly lit room.

Play at the Plate - Brian Snider

Brian has been a good trading partner.  Over the last few years he posted several times a week.  In 2016, Brian blogged somewhat sporadically with his last post occurring some five months ago.  If any of you know what may have happened to Brian, please comment or email.  I reached out to him via comment and email but have yet to hear anything.  Brian if you're out there, thank you!  We miss you!

Brian sent a #supertraders package:

Certainly there was room for more red foil on the 99 Fleer Warning Track Parallel!!

Addiction is Therapy - Adam Pankratz

I'd been concerned for Adam because several months had passed without a post from him.  I'm happy to see he's still blogging.  I received two packages from him over these past months.   The first contained a 2015 GQ Verlander mini relic and Heritage lots from 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2011.  All were needed for my Tiger team sets!  The second package included Fleer Sticker fun and a Victor Martinez relic!

Adam, thanks for the great selection of cards - and for your patience!  I truly appreciate your generosity!

Mark Hoyle - infamous non-blogger

I received my first ever mailer from Mark!  His mo has been the pwe.   The package was filled with vintage and oddity!  Take a look at those 72 babies! One of my fave all-time designs!  For the odd, he sent two cards from 1968 Atlantic Gas.  There is a 92 Fleer sighting here as well.  This set toys with me.  When I began collecting in 1993, my friend had stacks of these all over her house. Literally.  I'd never seen such disorganization!  I thought these were some of the ugliest cards ever produced. When Fleer fell out of the mailer, I had a little touch of that nostalgic feeling a warm memory can bring.  I was also running a low fever at the time so perhaps it had nothing to do with 92 Fleer.  None the less, I was falling in love with the hobby back then.  92 Fleer was a big part of those days!

Mark, thanks for the cards!  This package was all over the park - super variety!!!

During my absence, I avoided email and wished later that I'd not done so.  If I'm ever going to be away for any length of time, this information will be posted!  Of course, an early demise could prevent me from sharing this info with you directly but arrangements have been made with a good friend to post on my behalf.    Those other arrangements - well - I keep putting them off.  On a back-burner, if you will.


  1. Hopefully Brian pops back up again.

  2. Will this friend be posting compromising pictures of you in your absence? Like caught ripping a box of '93 Donruss?

  3. I had forgotten about those Atlantic Oil cards. . Glad you enjoyed the cards

    1. i did indeed. Sorry it's taken so long to share them Mark!