Sunday, September 6, 2015

No Trades Left Behind - first edition

So I took the summer off, though unintentionally. During my absence, my trader friends were kind to think of me, often sending little and/or fat packages to my new home.  It's more than past time I shared some of the many cards received. 

Mark Hoyle, notorious non-blogger and heckuva trader, sent one of his famous PWEs before I left Texas.  It was packed before I could scan and share.  Mark has a serious stash of old cardboard and sent a few Tigers:


1964 - love that Freehan!

 While all are sweet cards, this little charmer won me over!  An unlicked? unused? unstuck? Norm Cash stamp from 1969 Topps.  Thanks Mark!  I know it's taken awhile to share and you've been more than patient while awaiting a return package.

Cubbie loving P-Town Tom - Waiting Til Next Year - dropped a little PWE in the mail too. I'd commented on a Sandberg card he received.  He must have had a dupe because Tom wasted no time sending it.  The card was special to me as Ryne is listed as an Oklahoma City 89er. 

    2001 Upper Deck Minors Centennial                               2015 Panini Prizm base

I'm an Okie who spent some time at that old ball park on the fairgrounds.  I don't recall seeing Sandberg play unfortunately.  I went to the games back in those days for the concerts....Oak Ridge Boys, The Monkees, Hermans' name a few.  But let's pretend I didn't just fess up to that.  89er Stadium is long gone, paved over for more fairground parking.  

I wish I could tell you there was nothing else in the PWE from Tom...

Yes, it's time for Pass the Bieber.  Tom, blaming Zippy?  Will the Bieber madness ever end?  Who will be the first to step up and say I will be the change. Bieber stops here with me.  Must we go to the Bieber source, begging for mercy? merci?  which translates loosely into uncle, thank you. ???   What is a mind so twisted capable of???  So many unanswered questions. 

Shall we explore further, this madness?  It's origin?

Kevin Papoy

Behold. The great mastermind behind the Biebering.  A man so generous, Kevin dedicates time and Euros to be your personal shopper.  He searches far and wide and mostly eBay to find the perfect cardboard to share with his friends across the deep blue.  Recently le Papoy thrust a bulging mailer into the hands of a French postal clerk.  I found this package crammed into my roadside mail depository, tired from the long journey. 

                                                            1964 Topps                 1966 Topps
2013 Heritage Chrome/999  and refractor/544

2006 Turkey Red

Pretty little Verlanders

Ovation baseball put out a nice product.  I love the texture on these cards!  2015 Diamond Kings have been my favorite release so far this year. A lot of color and texture on these cards too.  I'm working to complete the base set.

Kevin added a few of my fave players to the mix. A player stew of sorts. 

2015 Tier One - a design I like but can't afford to add more than a card here and there.  Sweet addition!

Did I mention Kevin's generosity?  He picked up some good-looking autos and fancy patches specifically for me.  His thoughtfulness should wipe away any suspicions I have regarding his motivations.  A Bieber mind cult?  Surely not.  The Bieber cards are used as filler only, to protect the prizes inside on their long voyage across the seas. 
        Burn the Bieber?  or Repurpose?   Choose wisely.


  1. I've got a house warming package to send your way, just need the correct address to write on it. Congrats on the great cardboard!

  2. haha...your write-up really made me laugh (great looking Minion !). I have maybe only 50 Biebers left, but I'm very happy to see they're being passed along ! I'll probably have to make a deal with Dave & Adams to make sure they send me their entire supply, just to be sure !

    1. "Only" 50 left? Dear God! I need to build a panic room.

  3. That Norm Cash stamp is mint! I posted on Papoys collectors choice post that I've got some Tigers for you if your interested in trading.

    1. I'm definitely interested. Let me get caught up on my trade packages. I'll look for Braves while I'm at it. :)

  4. "Oak Ridge Boys, The Monkees, Hermans' Hermits..."

    Man, your playlists must be a hoot.

    1. Gary Puckett played there too. No Bay City Rollers though...not at the fairgrounds anyway.

  5. I was recently on the wrong end of a Biebering as well, and I nearly ripped it to shreds right on the spot. But I think I'll be "repurposing" it after all. Now all I have to do is determine the next victim...

    1. There must be a valuable lesson in the midst of all this Beibering. There must! I mean...what if there isn't??? What then? Oh it's too much to fathom!

  6. Replies
    1. I did indeed, thanks so much. A return stack coming your way pretty soon!

  7. Willie Mays cards cancel out bad mojo from Beiber cards. You're safe.

  8. I say burn the Bieber... lol And this is from a Canadian.. :P