Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Bob Walk Plunge

Eight steps and you're in the water.  I can swim but not in heavy seas. Matt, the Bob Walk-er sent a fat padded mailer last month.   Just when I thought I might catch up on trade posts, suddenly eight more arrived in February.  I may be behind but it only means I have the opportunity to send gratitude packages right back at ya!   Upon opening Matt's mailer, I found he'd sent eight unique and somewhat thick cards.

                                           2002 Donruss Originals Signature Marks  179/200
Hard-throwing Fernie made his MLB debut with the Tigers in 2002,  bouncing a bit from minors to the Show from 2002-2005.  In 2005 he became the Tigers closer until Detroit signed Todd Jones in 2006.   Fern moved into a relief role and made the 2006 World Series roster against the winning Cardinals.  After spending 2008 as closer once again, he rejected arbitration by the Tigers. He was looking for the big bucks.  Flash forward to 2014.  Fernie signed a two-year 14 MILL deal with the Mariners.  I'd $ay he found them.  He was a late addition to the All-Star team, replacing David Price. This is a second year card and a nice one at that!
                                                2004 Upper Deck Etchings RC  676/700

Bobby was drafted by the Pirates and traded to the Tigers in 2002. Traded again to the Cubs, he saw time in the majors during 2004-2006.  Bobby never really found his place and eventually drifted over the border into the Mexican leagues.

                                                            2007 Turkey Red Chromograph

Joel Zumaya had a 100 mph arm. Drafted out of high school by the Tigers in 2002, JZ spent the whole of his career with the team.  He once held a record for the fastest pitch ever recorded at 104.8 mph.  JZ battled arm injuries after his 2006 rookie season, never fully recovering. When the Tigers made their championship run in 2006, he was sidelined with a sore wrist.  The story is that JZ played a little too much Guitar Hero.  Repeated injuries include a shoulder separation, elbow fracture, UCL tear and ruptured tendon in his hand.  Not necessarily in that order.  This card has a clean and centered auto. 
                                                                         2006 Topps Co-Signers

Craig Keystone Monroe came up thru Rangers farming and was claimed off waivers by the Tigers in 2002.  His break-through year was 2006. He lead the team with 28 homers and was second with 92 rbi.  He also hit six home runs in the post season. It was a Keystone year, you might say but I just did so no need. The Tigers said goodbye in 2007 with a trade to the Cubs, to the Twins in 2008 and finally calling it a career with the Pirates in 2009.  But Tiger love was never far.  In 2012, Craig joined FOX Sports Detroit as a Tigers' studio analyst.  I met Craig back in 2001.  He signed a ball for me at OKC AAA and chatted for a few minutes.  His family drove from Texarkana to see him play that night.  There must have been at least twenty members in the party, a loud and fun bunch!   I like this card.  The colors are fantastic against the blurred background. My second favorite in this package from Matt.
                                              2006 Sweet Spot Super Sweet Swatch - 3x fast
Numbered 264/299 and a very sweet jersey swatch indeed.  Fortunately it's a jersey  swatch.  I'm just not comfortable with pant patches.  You never know where they've been. 

                                                                    2007 Sweet Spot Classic

 Jack spent most of his MLB time with the Tigers from  1977 - 1990, retiring in 1995.  Career numbers: 254-186,  3.90 era, 2478 Ks.  Ranked top ten in MLB wild pitches with 206.  A five time All Star, four time World Series champion, and a WS MVP, Jack isn't in the Hall.  Eligibility came in 2000 and went in 2014.  The Veterans Committee may consider him worthy in 2017.   A Tiger favorite,  Jack and patch are a great addition to my collection!
                                                 2003 Bowman Chrome Refractor 038/170
 Tiger Rookie of the Year in 2004, Nook's time there was short. He was traded to the Nationals in 2006.   A .300 average, speed and spectacular glove work impressed  the team.  He won the 2007 opening day CF position and promptly injured his foot colliding with the wall. He never fully recovered and his contract not renewed.  Nook later confessed to using HGH as an aid to his recovery.  He was named in the Mitchell Report and believes this hampered his ability to join another MLB team.  Poor little Nook. I have his card in my fun name  collection. Nookie, dinner's ready!  Who calls their kid Nook?  A parent who names their kid Exavier Prente Logan, certainly no fun at all.  This card is in an uncirculated case but list in  B  as a Chrome Gold Refractor.

                                                     2005 Topps Pristine Refractor  329/549
In 1965 Topps fashion, Jack shines on this card!  Out of the eight great cards Matt sent, this is my favorite.  It is gorgeous and MINE!  It too, is in an uncirculated case but not listed as such in Bekkit. I wonder how many collectors cut the Topps seal and freed their uncirculated cards?  I'm tempted to do so with Nook.  Jack is fingerprint and scratch free.  I think I'll keep him just that way.
Wow Matt!  What can I say but thank you! 
If you haven't read Matt's blog or traded with him, you're missing an entertaining read and some super surprises in your mail box!


  1. Nothing but gold ! I really like that non-crotch Pudge relic though

  2. I think the Morris was my favorite too. I seem to find his stuff pretty easily. The current Tiger players seem to avoid me. Would love to send you some Miggy's or Verlander's but I never seem to pull them.

    1. I appreciate what you do send, always great stuff! I have player collections too, if you come across any of those boys needing a home.

  3. Wow, relic city! Those are all really nice. Morris wins 'cause he rocks the mustache, but I really like that Rodriguez swatch too!

    1. Matt is quite generous and always finds amazing cards to send. If you have any Pirates lazing around, perhaps you can work out a trade with the Matey!

  4. Great cards. Matt has an endless supply autos

    1. He seems to have an endless supply of all cards fancy! Package for you hits the mail Tuesday!