Monday, January 12, 2015

From One Crack to Another

In November, I sent one little ole card to Mark of Collector's Crack.  He is a Brewers fan and Robin Yount collector.  I had an oddball card from his want list:

I would've sent more but he was stocked up on all I had to offer. I was happy to drop a PWE his way and expected nothing in return.  Mark was more than grateful to receive a card which had been on his list for over two years. He sent a nice stack of Tigers and a player favorite my way.

The Musial is gorgeous, from the 2008 UD Masterpieces issue. 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom is a cool design.  I may look for more of my player favorites from this set.

Four more great additions to my collection. I don't stock up on rookies as I did in my collector beginnings of the 90s. No more prospecting for me. Nick is the only rookie I really added this year.  I've picked up several of his more unique cards.  As for sabermetrics, I doubt it will catch on with me. I'm too "old school".  I can figure BA and ERA and am happy with this knowledge.  I have learned enough regarding Wins Above Replacement to know a bigger number is better.
A nice grouping of 2014 Topps parallels. The gold Iglesias and blue foil Nathan are numbered.  Nathan's card is just plain pretty!  The holographic foil is gorgeous.
Not all collector's keep these cards.  I do - and did not have this Cabrera.  I wouldn't call it an oddball but an advertisement with redemption code for MLB 14 The Show in-game currency.  The last and only gaming console I ever purchased was the original Nintendo, 1990-ish.  I did however receive the Atari Flashback 5 for Christmas this year!  Now that is fun gaming! 92 built-in games that defined a generation.  Pong being one of these.
Mark, thanks for these nice additions to my collection!


  1. Upper Deck Masterpieces was a great set, and I was lucky enough to pick up 2 retail boxes at $10 each, so now I have the set! I love the Atari, it had such great games like pong, pitfall, and all those other versions of pong that you couldn't remember. It was, and is, great! Nice cards, and Atari!

    1. Jealous! great picks for $10! I haven't gamed since the early 90s. This Atari set was a fun surprise!