Monday, January 5, 2015

Bob Does the Walking

...and walk he did. Right to the mailbox with cards sealed in a little mailer. I'm sure they felt secure in their little bubbled world.  Once delivered, I wasted little time ripping open the package.  The first card to free itself was Juan Gonzalez. This was no surprise.  He often put himself before his teammates.

2001 Fleer Feel the Game
I did examine this card closely for any trace of cork. The back of the card states this relic is a piece of an authentic game-used bat used by JG.  This card and its three associates - it isn't known as to whether JG has friends - were ushered into the postal system by none other than our friend Matt from Bob Walk the Plank already.

The second escaping specimen was a Jeremy Bonderman 2005 Zenith Jersey, closely followed by fraternal twin 2005 Zenith Z-Graph 108/200.  Good-looking red foil featuring a patch of grey, and signature on a refractive background.  The confident swatch says it was cut from an authentic jersey personally worn by JB in an official MLB game.  Bonderman has come full circle, returning to the Tigers bullpen in August 2013.  He began his career as a Tigers starter in 2003.  In 2006, he saw his best record 14-8 and 4.08 ERA. He was released in 2010 and spent the first half of 2013 with the Mariners.
                                                                           2005 Zenith

 The last card needed some coaxing but quickly realized the potential of being a collected player.  It would remain sleeved and top-loaded, holding a space behind a little tab with his name on it. Safe.

This pretty little Porcello is numbered 12/99, a sparkly Golden Moments from 2012 Topps.  The white swatch is bright against the orange background and tells us it isn't from any specific game, event or season.  Yes, this swatch has identity issues but will be cared for as if from Porcello's very own closet.  The ugly line to the right-side of jersey is from a stray cat hair. No, a stray cat did not wander onto the scanner.  I assure you, I am not-yet-a-crazy-cat-lady.

Matt, thanks for thinking of me when you mailed these little goodies!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!  I've been traveling and hope to catch up on my reading this week.  This post was actually prepared right before leaving town for nearly three weeks.  I came home this weekend to a pile of trade mail!  Looking forward to sharing these with you soon.

Happy New Year!