Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just in the Nick of Dime

A patient young man named Nick Dimeboxes sent a fun batch of cards to me, oh say 3-4 weeks ago.  Yep, I'm that far behind posting all the fantastic cards I've received from my new friends.  By the time I finish writing this cracked edition, these cards may well be vintage.  I'm already vintage, so for that matter I may well be dead.

Speaking of dead...

2011 Allen & Ginter minis sent a tingle down my spine. The Borden story is a familiar one. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery had me searching the net. Grove is an abandoned cemetery in Chicago's southwest suburbs. Burials date back to the 1840s, possibly earlier.  Chicago's organized crime families may have dumped victims there back in the 20s and 30s but this is unproven. Orbs, electronic voices, angels, monks and ghostly figures carrying infants during a full moon as well as a two-headed ghost have been seen. 

The Villisca Axe Murders remained unsolved. In June of 1912, six members of the affluent Moore family and two house guests were gruesomely murdered in Villisca, Iowa.  Six of the deceased were children.  Definitely uninviting...but you're welcome to spend the night (?)
                                                              2014 Panini Golden Age
While we're on the topic of death and angels...Farrah Fawcett, icon of the 70s.   The 1970s are my decade.   I was quite saddened when she passed.  Her death was somewhat overshadowed by Michael Jackson's departure on the same day.  But on to happier things....
Happier?  We - lost - the - playoffs!  2012 Archives for Victor here. While I love having Archived cards, these are too difficult to identify by year without looking at the backs.  2012 Heritage (1963 Topps) is a good-looking card set.
 I like the 2010 T206 design. Good cardstock and nice finish on the card. Mr. Porcello is all sparkly and throwing hard for Topps 2011 Diamond Anniversary.  Ricky, what about us?   Eric Munson  2001 Pacific, the Tigers number one pick in the June 1999 draft.  Oopsie.
                                                                          2013 Gypsies
                                                     2014                                              2012
Of the three, I prefer the 2014 design.  Alex Avila is becoming one of my fave catchers too. I like the guy, couldn't tell you why just yet. 

                                                                             1973 TOPPS
                                     1997 FLEER contest entry                1979 TOPPS

Two 1973 Topps found an accepting home. These cards are only a few years younger than me.  They've kept their figure trim and complexion bright. A little wear around the edges with a couple of wrinkles, I can relate.   Parrish is looking a bit better, standing a little taller and sharp all around.  A few years does make a difference!  The Fleer was a multi-sport issue, 50 cards - one per pack. Cards 46-50 were extremely short-printed.  The first 45 cards in the set could be mailed in along with one of the sp cards to win a shopping spree from $100 - $1000 in their LCS.  The collector who found and redeemed all 50 cards would win a million in cash, payable over twenty years. Any winners out there?

 1972 Topps, a very favorite design year!  I hope I live long enough to see this issued in Heritage!  Miggy finds himself on a 2013 Archives edition.  Norm has a LOT of tar on that bat!  Did George see this card?
National Baseball Hall of Fame

                                                              2013 PANINI COOPERSTOWN

Slap an old-timer on cardboard and a few of us are sure to buy it!  If the cards look nice,  we may even attempt a set assembly.  I'm putting the 2012 Cooperstown set together now.  I like the looks of it a bit better than 2013 but still eat these up!  I love the name framed with the Hall entry date.

2012 Panini Cooperstown
                                                 2013 PANINI HOMETOWN HEROES
 Many of us have shared our Panini opinions - missing logos etc.  This is a good example of a winning design!  I LOVE THESE!  The backs could use a little work but forgiveness comes easily with the bright yellow fronts, pennants, current and retired player selection.
Turn me over, please

2006 SP Legendary Cuts Greenberg.  This set rocks!  I've been picking up singles at my not-so-local CS. A great design showing off  Legendary Players from days of yore!   1987 Topps Tiny Trammell.   Avila stickin' it to ya on a 2012 Topps sticker, of course.  2013 Golden Age Bill Freehan.  This is the only Freehan card I've seen that gives me jeebies. He appears so deformed.  No neck, long jawed, with an unusually large arm and makeup.  Ty Cobb appearing on 2011 Topps Kimball Champions.  I haven't seen many of these cards or I'd have been scooping them up, keeping them all for myself.  Classy design!
I've enjoyed all of these cards!  An incredibly diverse selection, Nick has a knack for touching on all my interests.  My collector's craving these days is heavy on Ty Cobb.  This grouping will hold me over for a little while:
                                                                TYRUS RAYMOND COBB
                                       2013 Allen & Ginter                     2014 Panini Golden Age
                                               2013 Turkey Red                   2003 Flair Greats
I stopped collecting just in time to miss out on  Flair Greats.  Another trip back in time is required.  Super nice card design! 
Nick, thank you again for such a fun package, and being patient for the time it took to get these shared.  I do enjoying showing off the cards I receive from my trading buddies!
I may be absent for a week at a time so please, don't write me off!  I'm not dead...yet.
                                                     BACHELOR'S GROVE CEMETERY


  1. Glad you enjoyed the package! I already have another stack started for you.

    Bachelor's Grove Cemetery actually isn't too far from where I live. Never been down there. Way too spooky for me.

    1. I wondered how close you might be. Super package of cards Nick, super! Did I say "super?"

  2. Great selection of cards from Nick !

    1. Howdy from Texas! It was all over the place - fun!

  3. "Two 1973 Topps found an accepting home. These cards are only a few years older than me."

    Cram it, clownie. :)

    I've driven past the location of Bachelor's Grove many a time, day and night, and never had any of the spooky experiences other people report.

    1. Clownie says "nice to meet you, JJ" Thanks for reading and commenting. Actually, I lied about my age. ;)